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This District Level Footballer Can’t Even Walk Five Steps Now Because Of Cancer

Naima's 14th birthday in July didn't go as planned. Her parents spent the whole day begging every relative to come to the hospital and donate blood to their daughter, hoping at least someone would have the same blood group as their daughter's.

"We were desperately trying to keep her in senses but her haemoglobin was so low, she fainted. She had to be given 12 units of blood. A day before, my daughter went with me to get the cake for her birthday. The next day she was not even waking up. She just said - 'Ammi,everything is black and I can't see' and blacked out. She became so pale and seeing her like that, my mind stopped working too."- Zaida, mother 

They were not prepared to hear such devastating news on her birthday 

Seeing the condition of her parents, the doctor didn't tell them immediately that Naima has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - a form of blood cancer. It was only after a few relatives came to the hospital that they broke this news to them. They weren't expecting to hear about Naima's blood cancer on her birthday.

"Nothing could've prepared us to hear such a devastating news on her birthday. How could my daughter have cancer? There were no symptoms at all. How could we know that such a terrifying disease was eating her up from inside? We immediately took her to Kolkata from our village."- Nazrul, father 

Nazrul earlier worked as a rickshaw driver to support his family of 5. But he was unable to support his family with an income of just Rs.3000. So he started working as a farmer on someone else's land. Only after working for about 18 hours a day, he is able to take care of his family. Amidst all this, when he got to know about Naima's cancer, it took him all his life's savings to just get her to a city hospital for blood tests.

She misses being on the football ground

"I don't look like myself at all. My pillow has strands of hair daily. My face and neck have bloated so much. Every time they insert those chemicals in my blood, I can't handle the pain. Ammi-Abbu tell me to eat food, but how do I eat? I can't feel any taste and my ulcers hurt so much,"- Naima (14)

Naima used to play football at the district level and has won many trophies. When she was scoring goals in the field, nobody could tell she is such a shy kid in real life. Now, she misses being on the football field. Cancer has made her so weak, she can't even walk five steps on her own.

I have to be her strong father, I can't break down in front of Naima

Nazrul has stopped crying completely. He knows Naima looks up to him for strength and as a father he wants to assure her that she will be alright. But at the end of the day, even he knows the truth. He has spent 7 lakhs till now on her treatment. He seeks help from Allah to help him get 8 lakhs more to continue Naima's chemotherapy.

Naima's parents were unable to celebrate her birthday the way they wanted to this time. But they can cure her by her next birthday if we help them. A little contribution from your side can keep Naima's chemotherapy on. Please help her parents to save Naima.