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He Couldn’t Save His Wife Now He Will Lose His Daughter Without Urgent Help

 “My entire life seems to be filled with misery and tears. I have been losing my dear ones one after the other. First, I lost my wife when my daughter Monika was less than a year old due to high fever and illness. Then my sister, who was the one who took care of Monika, passed away due to ovarian cancer 2 months back. Now, my daughter too is in a critical condition. I will not live if I lose my daughter too. She is all I have.” – Manjesh, father. 

His shirt is full of his daughter’s bloodstains.

Manjesh can be seen waiting outside the PICU anxiously with bloodstains on his shirt. He had admitted his daughter a day ago after she collapsed with severe blood vomiting. He is scared to move away from the ICU room fearing something would happen to his daughter in his absence. Monika is lying unconscious with swollen eyes and is on ventilator support.

Monika is suffering from cardiovascular collapse and needs mechanical ventilation and intensive care support to recover. Monika's heart is not functioning properly, her body isn't getting enough oxygen. Previously, a year ago, she had a surgery where a protohepatic stent was placed in a blocked vein in her liver due to a condition called Budd-Chairi syndrome. Now, there has been a leakage in the stent and she is undergoing treatment to rectify that.

 If I cannot save her, then I am as good as dead…

I am a farmer and off late I do not have any income. The treatment cost to save my daughter is 8 lakhs. Where will I get the money? I have nobody to ask help from. My daughter is the only joy and purpose of my life. What has she seen in life? She is just 6 years old... If I cannot save her, then I am as good as dead.” – says Manjesh bursting out crying.

This poor father begs for your help to save his only daughter. Help him raise funds for her treatment and take her back home in a healthy condition.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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