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Old couple with nobody to rely on need help for heart surgery

Mohideen is 61 year old man. His wife and he have no children or grandchildren to fall back on. 35 years ago they did have a baby, who died within six months of her birth, and have not had any children since then. Now, he has been diagnosed with a heart disease and needs an urgent bypass surgery.

Mohideen had been having occasional chest pain for a while, but when it got too frequent, he decided to consult a doctor. It was then that he was diagnosed with coronary artery disease: requiring an urgent open heart surgery.

Mohideen works as a wedding photographer at an agency, and earns enough to support himself and his wife, but this old couple does not have anybody to turn to for financial assistance. One of their nephews is staying with them and helping them, but his family and he are not in a position to assist them financially. They need 3 lakh for the surgery, of which they have already arranged about 1.5 lakh through personal loans and borrowings. 
His wife has nobody to turn to after him, and life would be a nightmare for her with these current loans and borrowings. The old couple therefore seeks your help for this treatment.

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