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His Smile Can Cure Everything But His Own Cancer, And This 4-Year-Old Is Running Out Of Time

Rahil thinks he’s the strongest boy in the world. And he is. He is only 4, and even the most dreaded, dangerous disease can’t bring this little boy down. Rahil has blood cancer, but no one can believe it when they look at him – not his parents, not the doctors or nurses in the hospital. Rahil’s smile is enough to make you forget your worries. Talk to him for a few minutes, and you would have made a friend. He will show you his toys, play with you and make you laugh. Rahil is all love and laughter.

“Every day I look at my son, fighting cancer like this…being brave without even knowing that he is. When I see him smile, I remember what I’m fighting for. I have to stay strong and do what it takes to save him. Nothing else matters now.” – Abdur Rahim, father

Abdur had to lie to his 4-year-old son

One month ago, when Abdur and Asma found out Rahil has blood cancer, they decided to start his chemotherapy immediately. There was no time to waste.

He saw me packing his clothes and some of his toys in his Superman bag. He asked me where we were going…I had to lie to him. How do you tell a child he has to stay in the hospital for months? We told him we’re going to visit a new city. He was sad and confused when we reached the hospital, but even then, my son didn’t complain.”

Rahil started chemotherapy almost 2 weeks ago. This is just the beginning of his fight against cancer.

Rahil’s mother is fighting a dangerous blood disease, one that can be fatal

Life hasn’t been easy for Abdur and Asma. While they have done their best for their children, Asma is secretly fighting a battle against Thalassemia, a dangerous blood disease. She never shows her pain in front of her children, and every time she has to go to the hospital to get blood, she tells them she’s going to the market.

“But ever since we found out that Rahil has blood cancer one month ago, my wife has just not been the same. She cries in front of Rahil, especially when she sees him playing. She can’t believe that a child like him is fighting such a scary disease.”

His Saturdays at the park have been replaced by painful chemo sessions

Rahil often spent his weekends in the park, playing with his little brother Azaan. No Saturday was complete without him eating his favourite food – paani puri. But now Rahil spends his Saturdays getting chemotherapy. So much has changed for him in just a few weeks, so much will change in the next few months. And Rahil just wants to go home.

“Every day when the doctor comes for her rounds, he asks her ‘doctor aunty where are my papers?’ He means his discharge papers… every day the doctors tell him that they will give it to him tomorrow. But I know he has months of treatment to go. He can’t go home just yet…”

Abdur has no money, only a relentless determination to save his son

Rahil needs to get continued chemotherapy to fight this deadly disease, but Abdur has nothing now – no job, no income. As soon as Rahil was diagnosed, he came to India and left his accountant job behind. The only way he can take care of Rahil is by being there with him. He has already spent his savings of Rs. 2.5 lakhs in just two weeks. Abdur needs your help to save his son’s life.

“Once all of this is done, he will go back to school, he will go back to the childhood he once had…and I will find a job here. My son will be healthy again. I have to believe that. But today has been especially hard, I have been pressing his legs all night because he’s in so much pain. He’s having more bad days now…it’s only going to get worse.”

Abdur needs your help to save his son’s life. Rahil has stayed strong till now, he has made it through. But from now on, he needs your help.