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For 2 Years, He Has Cried All Night In Pain, And Now It Could Take His Life

My son hasn't been able to sleep for the past 2 years because of his failing liver. He would stay up all night and scratch his entire body as he had unbearable itching. His skin has scars all over. He cries all the time. Now we get to know that he will die in pain if he cannot get a transplant immediately.” - Mahesh, father

3 months into the world and Meghnandhan was already diagnosed with failing liver

Meghnandhan was just 3 months old when he got jaundice. When his jaundice didn't subside despite giving medicines, Mahesh and Sravani were told to take him to Hyderabad. They were told his liver is failing and since then his life has been a battle and he has been surviving only on medicines. Meghnandhan is suffering from Alagille syndrome, a genetic condition where the liver is damaged because of abnormalities in bile ducts.

The doctors in Hyderabad told Mahesh and Sravani that Meghnandhan needs a liver transplant. But as he was too young for surgery, the doctors told them to wait. Mahesh has been trying to keep him alive with medications.

Every time we feed him with food, he poops it immediately. Even while passing stool he bites to stop himself from screaming. It was very painful for him. While kids of his age could walk and run, my son cannot even stand on his own because of this disease. And even if he tries to, he would end up hurting himself.” - Sravani, mother

We watched him suffer for 2 years, now we cannot let him suffer anymore

Because of his failing liver, Meghnandhan is cranky and moody most of the time. Though it is painful for Mahesh and Sravani to watch their son suffer, they always try to be happy in front of him and cheer him up. It was during a recent medical check-up and a few tests, the parents were told that Meghnandhan is ready to undergo the liver transplant and he needs it immediately. Mahesh is a suitable donor for the transplant. He wants to end their son’s suffering but the only thing that is stopping him now is lack of funds.

“We prayed to every God to find an answer for our son's suffering. The disease has given my son so much pain that I just want him to get better. All our prayers were answered when the doctors told Meghnandhan can undergo the liver transplant. But we have exhausted everything we had and we don’t know how to save him.“ - Mahesh, father

With only weeks left, Mahesh is struggling to arrange funds for his son’s transplant

Mahesh is a clerk in a veterinary clinic in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. He earns a decent income, well enough to look after his family of four including his younger son Jaynandhan (1). Mahesh for the past 2 years has spent his nights looking after his wailing son and his days working hard to meet his treatment expenses.

“Even my monthly earnings were not enough for my son's medicines and check-ups. I have spent around Rs 1.5 lakhs just for his regular check-ups and medicines with the help of my relatives. Now, it's impossible for me to arrange Rs 18 lakhs for my son’s transplant when he has only weeks left. Please help me.” - Mahesh, father

Meghnandhan has gone through a lot of pain that can’t be described in words. Left with no other avenue, his parents seek your help to save his life.

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