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This Helpless Mother Is Ready To Give Up Her Life To Save Her Baby From Liver Disease

“My baby boy is everything to me. His smile, his naughtiness, and his innocence are what keep me going every day. I cannot imagine being separated from him even for a second. But now he is critically unwell and I don’t know what to do. I am ready to do anything for him – even give up my life, if that means that he will be alive,”-Begum Anowara, mother.

Begum Anowara and Yunus Ali’s 1-year-old baby boy Alif Aryan is suffering from end stage liver disease. His liver is on the way to becoming 100% damaged with every passing day. The only cure for his condition is an urgent liver transplant. His mother is a matched donor and is more than willing to donate a part of her liver to save her son, but the family does not have the means to afford the procedure.

He is only 1, but he has seen more hospital doors than many do in their whole lifetime

When Alif was born, Anowara, her husband Yunus and their two elder daughters could not stop gushing about how perfect he was – his flawless skin and his big round eyes were his best features. They thanked Allah for giving them a healthy child, but everything changed soon after. Within a week, the baby had jaundice and he was diagnosed with liver disease.

“He has been to hospital more than 20 times already. He gets fever and infections every now and then and it lands him in the ICU. At one glance, nobody can say that he is a sick child, only we know how sick he can get on certain days. It is unbearable to watch him suffer like this,”-Begum Anowara.

This father’s modest income is just not enough to save his baby boy

Yunus works as an assistant in a government office based in Guwahati, Assam, and earns a modest income – just enough to meet the needs of his wife and three children. On most months, he would not have enough left for savings even. He never expected a medical emergency like this – where his son would be in a life-and-death situation and he would run out of cash to fund his treatment. But as fate would have it, he has reached a point where he cannot even afford taking his son to the hospital for his regular check-ups, let alone for the liver transplant.

“I have spent more than Rs 7 lakhs by begging and borrowing from everybody I know. Now I need Rs 20 lakhs to get him the liver transplant – how will I arrange such a huge amount of money? I don’t have rich relatives or friends or insurance policies. I want to save my son, please help me,”-Yunus.
With your kind contribution, these parents can save their son before his condition becomes worse and kills him  

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