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This Devastated Mother Pleads For Help To Save Her Son From Cancer That Is Paralyzing Him

Musfiqur’s blood cancer is spreading, and fast. His left side is paralyzed till his waist, he has rashes all over his body, he spends most of his day vomiting, and he can’t leave the hospital bed. He can’t even hold a spoon to eat on his own, his hands shake so much. Shuma Parveen, a devastated mother, knows what this means for her son – his cancer is aggressive and can kill him in days if he doesn’t get treatment.

“When the doctor in our hometown first told me that he has cancer, I refused to believe him. How could it be? My son only had a simple cough. In fact, I didn’t believe it until he had his first chemo. He’s the only one I have, he’s my…” – Shuma

Shuma can’t even finish her sentence without crying nowadays. Musfiqur’s life hangs by a thread.

He’s living every minute in the fear of death

A 12-year-old should not have to worry about death, or his parents’ financial condition. But Musfiqur fears and worries about both. He knows he has cancer, he knows it can kill him. He’s so scared all the time and watching his mother cry only makes him sadder.

“I try and stay strong in front of him, but I can’t any longer. How can I not breakdown when I see him like this? When every day he asks me to take him.. I just can’t help it. Yesterday he asked the doctor if he can go back for his exams in December.”

Shuma and Mustafijur know that if they can’t afford his chemotherapy, he won’t even make it till December. Musfiqur needs chemotherapy for the next 9 months to survive.

Shuma has stopped eating and sleeping. No matter how much Mustafijur tries to convince her, she says nothing is more important than saving their son. Not even her own life. She says she’s not going to stop praying till he gets better, “He will not ignore a mother’s prayer.”

They sold everything they had to save him

When Mustafijur and Shuma first found out that Musfiqur has cancer, they knew they had to do everything to save him. They sold the only piece of land they had and have managed to get him treated till now with that. But now, that’s all gone. They are in Kolkata, an unknown city for them. With no family or support system.

“We don’t know anyone here. We have managed to spend 3 lakhs till now…that’s everything we had. We will give up everything for him, anything to save him.”

After exhausting everything they had, she can do nothing but pray their son is saved. This helpless mother needs your support to bring her son out of this misery. Only you can help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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