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Few Hours Left And Not Even A Rupee In His Pocket, This Driver Pleads For Help To Save His Baby's Life

“My baby is dying and only a liver transplant can save him. I sold whatever we owned – jewellery, clothes, scrap…everything but it is still not enough to afford it. Now I have nothing, not even one rupee left in my pocket. I need money urgently or my child will not survive, please help me in this hour of need,”-Mohan, father

It has been 2 days since Baby Mohith has been slowly drifting into unconsciousness due to his 100% damaged liver. His parents Mohan and Vimala Rani try to keep him awake, by calling out his name couple of times and telling him he’ll be fine, but the little boy’s condition is so bad that he can’t even hear them. Yellowness from jaundice has pervaded his body and he is barely alive and if he does not get a liver transplant within the next few hours, he will get seizures and die.

These parents never thought that in just 10 days, their little boy’s fate would change forever

Baby Mohith was a happy child, probably one of the most cheerful children you would ever meet. He never threw tantrums and loved playing ball with his elder sister. Bath time was his favourite – he loved it when his mom splashed water on him, and then patted him dry and gently applied vibhuti (sacred ashes) on his forehead. He would run around the house, draped in his bath towel for hours altogether. But 10 days back, everything changed.

“I noticed that his urine was deep yellow in color. We took him to a doctor near our home who said he’d be fine. We didn’t think so much of it then but later he started appearing weak. I knew in my heart that something was wrong then,” –Vimala Rani, mother

‘They told us that nothing can save him now, but I was not ready to give up on him’

These worried parents then took their weak and sickly baby to many hospitals in Chennai, and got the same reply from everywhere: ‘We don’t know what’s wrong with him. We cannot help him, please take him away’. But Mohan and Vimala loved their son a little too much to simply give up on him. Finally it was in JR Super Specialty Hospital that Mohith was diagnosed with acute liver failure

“We were happy that at least one hospital did not turn us away. I breathed a sigh of relief when they said that a liver transplant could save his life, but when they said that it would cost lakhs of rupees, I started panicking. How will a lower-middle class man like me afford such an expensive procedure?”-Mohan  

This driver is desperate to save his baby and needs your kind help urgently

Mohan has not rested for a minute ever since he was told about Mohith’s deteriorating condition. He has been making calls from the hospital, to near and dear ones as well as strangers in this hour of need. Looking at his son’s state, he wants to breakdown and cry loudly, but he’s being patient. He is trying to arrange the full amount on time, but has been unsuccessful so far.

“I took all my savings and sold all my belongings. But what I got was just Rs 2 lakhs. I could pay for the pre-transplant tests with that – which confirmed that I am a matched donor for the transplant. But I don’t have the means to pay for the actual transplant – which is ten times more than what I have arranged. Please help me,”-Mohan, with tears in his eyes.
Baby Mohith has only a few hours left for his life-saving liver transplant but his father Mohan cannot arrange the required amount on time and is scrambling for funds. He cannot bear to watch his loving son die right in front of his eyes. You can help him save Mohith

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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