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Baby Whose Fight With Cancer Began On His 1st Birthday Needs Urgent Help To Live

"It was his first birthday, we had just come home from the temple and were waiting for the guests to arrive. That evening he got chicken pox. In our village, the elders tell us not to give a child medication for chicken pox. It is said to be bad luck. We waited for 2 weeks for it to subside but he had persistent fever. When we took him to the hospital, the doctors said he has cancer." - Velammal, Mother.

"We have heard of cancer only in the movies"

Sankara Subbu and his wife Velammal live in a village near Tuticorin.  Every year they visit Meenakshi Amman temple with their family. Besides this, they have never left their village. They were living a happy and content life before Enesh Mukilan was diagnosed with cancer. They couldn't believe that a child can have such a dreadful disease. It took them a few days to come to terms with the news. Little Enesh soon started having bruises all over his body and lost his appetite completely.

"No one in our family had cancer, we have heard and seen this only in the movies. The local doctors asked us to take him to a hospital in Madurai. There, the doctors said he has cancer in his bone marrow now and it can spread to other parts of his body without treatment."

The little one thinks that medicines are his food

Baby Enesh has completed two cycles of chemotherapy so far. He needs continued chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant to recover. However, he falls sick after every round of chemo. He can hardly eat now and he throws up constantly.

“In just 2 months, my son has changed so much. He has become so weak. He has more medicines than food. He is terrified of the injections. It pains me to see him like this.”

"We don't even have money for bus tickets, let alone the treatment"

Sankara Subbu is a daily wager. He works on a farm and earns Rs 300 per day. He and his wife take Enesh to the hospital in Madurai every week and the bus tickets alone cost around  Rs 600. His family can afford meals for the day only if he goes to work. He hardly has any savings and sometimes he borrows from his friends for the bus tickets and medicines. He has applied for the CM funds, but that will cover only 3 lakhs - he needs 18 lakhs for the treatment. He cannot save his son's life without your help.

Baby Enesh's battle for life began on his first birthday, he is in constant pain and fears injections. His poor parents are desperately waiting for help. They lose their child to deadly cancer without your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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