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5-year-old Arpan Is Batting Cancer For The Second Time, He is Desperate To Go Back To His House

5-year-old Arpan was eager to start school this year. The dreams in his shining eyes are now overshadowed by pain and suffering. His pain is Leukemia, It snatched his childish happiness. His hands should have been learning to use his pencils, colors and books, but now they are pierced with needles for treatment.  

Arpan went to school only for 1 day because he fell sick with cancer

Sunil and Sonia lived a modest and happy life with their two children Arpana and Arpan. They live in a small village Amoda, Madhya Pradesh. Despite their modest income, they wished to give their children the best education. When it became time for Arpan to join school they moved to Bhopal.

Arpan kept a lot of things in his new school bag to take to school. He was eager to start school just like his sister but he went to school for exactly one day. He had a high fever on the first day of his school, next day he vomited. He was taken to a hospital and was diagnosed with blood cancer. The dreams of this little one and his family were completely shattered.

"He asked me not to give his bicycle to his sister, promising he will use it. Not that he doesn't want to share with his sister but he desperately wants to go back home and go to school on his cycle." - Sunil

Arpan with his grandfather at the hospital

After treatment, in just a week, the cancer relapsed again

Sunil and Sonia left Aparna in relative's place in Bhopal. Little Arpan was admitted in Indore for the treatment. They finished 24 chemotherapy sessions and took him home. Happy that the treatment was over. Hopeful that the nightmare was over. But their happiness did not last even for a week. He got a fever again and Arpan's cancer had relapsed.

Arpan is exhausted. Between him and his older sister, he was the more happy child. He used to be playful and smiling but now he is annoyed with everything around him. He is tired of being sick and perhaps even feels that nothing helps him. He, in fact, has begun to think that hospital is his house and he asks to go back to the old house because it felt cleaner.

Little Arpan consoles his mother and asks her not to cry

When cancer relapsed Sonia started crying right in front of him. Arpan got up, hugged his mother and said, "Mom, look. I am fine, why are you crying?" His father's tears too fell at that moment. He is no longer the innocent child who was sleepless with excitement for school. It is so painful to him suffer so much for someone his age.

Sunil is a Maths Teacher in his village and cannot afford to take leave and lose his job. He is the sole breadwinner of the family. Aparna is too young to understand the situation, she cries every time she talks over the phone. Sunil travels to Bhopal to see his daughter and then travels to Indore to see his son and wife. He is struggling to cope with the situation.

"When we first learnt about cancer, we did everything we could think of doing. We spent everything we had - and what we didn't have we managed through loans - for Arpan's treatment. We sold everything, every ornament and even the home that Arpan asks to go back to." - Sunil

Arpan is desperate to go back home

Arpan by nature was more mature than his age. When his sister would be naughty, he would try to reason with her so she wouldn't be in trouble with the parents. Even now, when he is not angry, or crying, he asks for his sister. She feels like the one thing about his life that has not changed. Otherwise, he hardly talks about school. All he wants is to go back home play with Aparna.

Arpan's parents cannot afford a bone marrow transplant

How you can help

The only hope they have left to save their innocent angel is a bone-marrow transplant. It is very costly and they have spent everything they had till now. They need at least 10-15 lakhs which is beyond their means. Only your contributions can help them save their son.

Help Little Arpan live his dreams again, with your contributions it is possible!

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