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Doctors Say It Is A Miracle That Ankush Is Able To Walk But He Will Lose His Life If He Doesn't Get A Transplant Soon

“The doctor had told us that it was a miracle he was still able to walk. Most people in his condition can barely stand up, they usually pass out from weakness. Ankush has always been a fighter, but if he doesn’t get the transplant soon he will lose the fight.” says Akash, Ankush’s elder brother.

Ankush has been bravely fighting his pain for almost 4 years now

Ankush is a bright, intelligent, 15-year-old boy suffering from an early relapse of leukemia. He is always down with severe pain and splitting headaches. Most of the times he is too dizzy to function. For a young ambitious boy, his condition is a living nightmare. He was first diagnosed in 2014, following which he went through an intensive course of treatment, but sadly for Ankush, cancer made an early relapse.

When Ankush fell sick with recurring high fevers, doctors found that his hemoglobin count had dropped to 3. With count as low as that, it came as a surprise that Ankush was even able to stay awake and walk. His hands and feet had turned very pale and he was given multiple blood transfusions.

His body was very weak and his skin started turning very pale

“His hands were not pink like other people’s and he barely had any strength. When we saw the blood test reports we were all very scared. My mother started praying every day that nothing should be wrong with him. We were yet to receive the shock of our lives.”
Initially, doctors suspected that Ankush has Aplastic Anemia, but they suggested sending his bone marrow samples for testing so that they could start the appropriate course of treatment. Reports diagnosed him with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Ankush’s parents were devastated beyond words to know that their youngest son is battling such a deadly condition.

“Our parents just kept on crying for 2 whole days. They were not eating or sleeping. But Ankush was surprisingly strong. He gave us hope with his spirit. He told us, that he can fight cancer with their support, and that they shouldn’t let the diagnosis weaken their hopes.”

His cancer relapsed just a few months after his treatment

His treatment went on until October 2017, when he was finally declared free of cancer. Ankush and his family were overjoyed that he had overcome his illness and life returned to normal. Unfortunately, this normalcy was very short-lived for them.

Ankush started experiencing severe headaches and joint pains along with dizziness. His ribs started hurting so badly that he would double over with pain the moment he would stand up. His parents panicked and took him to the doctor once again, fearing the worst, as they had feared, Ankush had suffered a relapse within 6 months.

Ankush wants to become a doctor when he grows up

“He asked me to get him a math book for the 9th grade. He got promoted to the 9th grade despite not giving the exams, and he really doesn’t want to miss out on his studies. He keeps saying how he wants to become a doctor when he grows up so that he can help more people, who are suffering like him. I think the doctors at the hospital really inspire him.”    

His family can’t support his treatment anymore

Currently, he is undergoing chemotherapy again, to contain the damage cancer can do to him but that is not enough for him to survive. He needs an urgent bone marrow transplant, further delay would turn fatal. The doctors found a 60% match in his brother. Sadly, his family can’t afford the treatment anymore.

His brother Akash used to have a private job, but he had to leave it to come take care of Ankush. Their father works as a storekeeper for a meager wage, that is barely enough to support the bare minimum expenses of the family. His brother spent all his savings to fund Ankush’s treatment, but now they’re not left with anything.

How you can help

If Ankush doesn’t get the transplant soon, he may lose the battle he has so bravely fought so far, only your contributions can help him fight cancer once and for all.

Your contribution can help Ankush fight cancer and live his life!

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