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A Liver Disease Makes This 11-Month-Old To Scratch Herself In Pain Until She Bleeds.

"I would give my life if that helped save my baby but what good will I be to my daughter after I am gone, when I cannot even help her when I am alive"
Maryam is just a baby. But life has been very cruel to her for the last 11 months that she has spent in this world. Her eyes have turned yellow and her stomach has bloated. Without understanding why she is in pain, she is battling a life-threatening liver disease. Poverty has made her parents helpless and they are left to the misery of watching their baby cry in pain.

Her parents thought they could save her, with a surgery, but they were wrong

As a newborn, she was found to have a faulty liver. Her parents, Abdul and Zarin did not know what the doctors were discussing. Finally, one of them came to them and said she needs a procedure called Kasai. Abdul couldn't imagine the little one going under the knife.
"She is so small and lovely. How can my heart let them do a surgery on her. But I wanted to save her, so I made myself strong" 
Maryam underwent Kasai procedure on doctors' recommendation. But it was not successful. The misery continued. In the next few months, Maryam developed end-stage liver disease.

Maryam's condition has been deteriorating and due to the condition, she scratches her own body with her little fingers until it bleeds. Doctors have recommended a liver transplant that will save her life and put her out of this misery. Given her critical health condition, the doctors have advised the parents for admitting her for an urgent liver transplant. Her parents have undergone tests to check if one of them can donate a portion of their liver to save her.

This is her last chance at recovery

Maryam's father, Abdul, is a farmer in a small village in Telangana and barely makes Rs 5,000 per month. Abdul and his wife have left behind their 9-year-old son with the relatives due to Maryam's treatment.
The estimated cost of the entire liver transplant is 16 lakhs and the family is unable to arrange even a small portion of it.

Abdul had mortgaged his land for his daughter's Kasai procedure, but this time around, he has no alternatives to turn to.

How You Can Help

Barely a year old, baby Maryam has only known illness and pain so far. Her mother has spent sleepless nights to stop her from crying and scratching herself. This fundraiser is her parents only chance to save her life. With our help, they will get their baby daughter back.

Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards Maryam's liver transplant.   

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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