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60-year-old Nurse Who Saved Hundreds Of Lives Is Now Unable To Afford Cancer Treatment

This is the irony of life. First it was dad, and now it is mom. Both were into nursing, and both of them affected by cancer. He did not survive. I hope to God that we get to save her.

People rarely remember a nurse, but if you ask anyone at Beml Medical Centre about Martha Henry, they would only rave about her warmth and healing touch. I thought she was invincible until she ended up struggling against an aggressive form cancer.

Muscle pain was not killing her, it was cancer

It started around last year when my mother complained of severe chest pain that radiated to the back. She first thought it was muscle pain. We went to a rheumatologist but the treatment did not help. After a few weeks, my mother was in so much pain that she could not breathe. Further investigation told us she has adenocarcinoma- a malignant tumour in her right lung and it has started to spread to other parts of the body

“Martha has helped so many people breathe again. For her it was not really a job. It was life. She could be a mother, sister, friend, and pretty much everything a patient needed. They were all their family. Everyone at this hospital, she treated like her own family. I can’t believe she is in this situation today.” – said Martha’s colleague at Beml Med Center 

The worst part is that we cannot afford chemotherapy

We had to start aggressive treatment immediately, but the drug was too expensive for us. We lost our father 3 months ago. My brother and I are both into nursing. He has a family to care for. On Rs. 15,000/month salary, I did not know how we could afford chemotherapy that would cost Rs. 80,000/month.

As we chose maintenance chemo and I hoped it would help ease her pain and keep cancer at bay until I could come up with funds. Unfortunately, we found out that her condition has gotten worse. There is no choice now, my mother must get started on the targeted therapy, and she needs it for 8 months to fight the disease.

It is time to do or die, and dying is not a choice

“My service was not about money. It was about people. I always said, ‘What does an old woman need money for?’ Well now I know. This pain might just take me to my husband. I am thankful that he did not have to go through it.” – Martha
Mother does not know that my father also passed away with cancer. We first thought it was dengue. He was in a critical condition. We hardly had the time to save him. Only during his final days, he was diagnosed with leukemia. He did not even have a chance. We did not tell her. It feels like we have been cursed. I hope we can save my mother from such a terrible fate. My father would have wanted the same.

How you can help

After 6 cycles of palliative chemotherapy and maintenance therapy, my mother now needs a targeted drug that would cost Rs. 80,000/month for 8 months. If she needs more, the pharmaceutical company would provide it free of cost for lifetime. The total cost for treatment would be Rs. 6,40,000.

Please help me save my mother, Martha Henry.

For 60 years, she has saved others. Now it is her time to live. Your contribution can help her beat this disease.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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