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This 27-Year-Old Thought He Was Suffering from Jaundice Until A Blood Test Revealed It Was Cancer

Mahesh, a 27-year-old man was leading a normal life with his mom, brother and sister. They couldn’t afford luxury but there was a lot of peace and happiness in that small family till they got to know Mahesh was suffering from deadly Cancer.

In the month of April 2017, Mahesh was suffering from fever and weakness so he along with his family members went for a check-up. The result showed he had Jaundice. Treatment was done accordingly and medicines were given for him to recover from Jaundice. Mahesh was recovering, but he was not getting absolutely fine. His family members had an idea that things might get better with time. Things were fine for more than a month till the month of June 2017 when he fell very sick. To an extent that he needed assistance even to use washroom. They realised it is now necessary to consult another doctor. He was again suggested to go for blood test but this time he got to know that he is diagnosed with blood cancer. It came as a big shock to the family. 

A widowed mother and a young sister- Life couldn’t be more difficult for Mahesh 

Mahesh used to work as a tailor with a daily wage of Rs. 100 per day. The days he cannot go for work are days without wage for him. It was already difficult for Mahesh to make both ends meet with his widow mother and young sister. Even his brother earns less than him. Adding to his suffering, he had to quit his job because of his current health condition. Last 3 months he is without a job struggling to manage his medical expenses along with his day to day expenses.
For more than a month Mahesh was going through wrong treatment which costed him a lot of money and also made him very weak. His brother Manik who is also a tailor says -
“My brother was a very active person, he has always been very responsible and hardworking but now he cannot even go to the bathroom without our help. It breaks my heart to see my brother suffer so much. Even I earn very less and we had spent a lot of money on his wrong treatment of jaundice.”

27-year-old has no money to put an end to his suffering

Mahesh’s family had to take loan to manage his chemotherapy treatment.The cost is way beyond his reach but the family is not ready to give up on him. They are trying their best to arrange funds for him but even their hands are tied due to poverty
“I can never manage to arrange so much money that is needed for Mahesh’s treatment no matter how much overtime I may do” – says the brother.”

Only hope for Mahesh is an expensive treatment that is way beyond his capacity 

The Doctor says Mahesh is responding to the treatment and his condition will improve if he continues with the chemotherapy sessions followed by medications.For this/ this means need him to be hospitalized for the following few months. But the treatment needs around 8 lakhs. which is a huge amount keeping in mind the family comes from a very underprivileged background.

How Can You Help

Rs.8 lakhs is a huge amount for a family that depends on very little daily wages.He cannot afford to manage his treatment all be himself without our help. Our support will help Mahesh fight Cancer and win his life back.
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.