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This 4-Year-Old Has Already Lost His Sight, Now He's About To Lose His Life

“When my son finally opened his eyes after being unconscious for 4 days, he looked right in my direction, and said ‘Mom? Mom where are you? I'm scared... I can’t see you...’, it just broke my heart…” – Kumari, mother, bursting into tears

Just 9 days ago, Shivaramaiah and Kumari’s precious little son Madhav Chandra – just 4 years old – suddenly fell ill, rapidly developing a high fever and uncontrollable vomiting. His incredibly worried parents took him to a local doctor, where they hospitalized him, and started giving him medicines. Unfortunately, while the vomiting was controlled, little Madhav started having diarrhoea, and the severity of his overall condition kept worsening.

“We took him out of that hospital and rushed him to a bigger one, even though it is far away for us from our village. By then Madhav was barely conscious, and he seemed so weak. More than once… More than once I had to check and make sure my son was still breathing by holding my finger to his nose… That one-hour journey was the longest hour of my life.” – Shivaramaiah, father

After little Madhav was admitted to a hospital equipped to deal with his severe condition, the doctors there were able to make a diagnosis. Madhav’s body is fighting a severe infection that has poisoned his blood… and it is losing the battle. Fortunately, the doctors succeeded in keeping him stable long enough for him to regain consciousness.  But by this time the infection had damaged little Madhav’s brain in multiple locations and caused cortical blindness – a condition where one’s eyes are in normal working order but the brain is unable to process the sense of sight. He is also facing possible muscle wastage on the left side of his body, due to the brain damage restricting movement on that side.

Madhav’s weakness, his diarrhoea, his vomiting, and the possible muscle wastage are all treatable. Even his blindness is reversible. But his treatment needs to happen right now, and Shivaramaiah simply cannot afford the cost.

“I’m a tractor repairman in my village. I don’t make a lot of money, but I’ve already spent 2 lakhs on my son’s medical bills so far. I had to borrow a lot of it from some people I know, and the rest I got by mortgaging my house. I don’t have anything else to my name. Except my son. I don’t care about losing the little house, but I cannot… I cannot lose my son.” – Shivaramaiah

At this point, you are little Madhav’s only chance for survival. With swift action on your part now, not only will he recover from his condition, he will go on to live a long and completely healthy life.

Donate, and give this child his sight and life back.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.
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