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Once An Active Teenager, He Is Now Bedridden - An Urgent Liver Transplant Is His Only Hope

“I hate staying here. It’s so lonely. I can’t sleep in the night, without Amma. When can I go home?” – Madhan.

According to Madhan, a happy-go-lucky 10th std kid, he’s only fighting loneliness in the ICU. Little does he know that he is also battling chances of death due to a failed liver. Madhan, who usually enjoys eating, has been close to starving for a week. His stomach is not able to keep in any food.

“I am tired of lying down all day. I am not able to eat. I am not able to sleep in the nights all alone. I don’t get to go to the washroom and I am not able to do it here, into the tube. I don’t like it. It’s only a fever no? Why am I not allowed to get up and go? I miss my family. I can’t wait to get back home and play badminton with my friends! “Madhan sulks.

As he remains clueless of his illness, the condition of his liver is getting worse...

 “Just last week, he was himself - laughing, and making us all laugh! He always took it upon himself to make sure everybody around him was happy. Little did we know his liver was quietly giving upon him. And now, all of a sudden, he’s in the ICU, fighting for his life. We are still hoping it’s only a dream. But it isn’t. We can’t even cry in front of him, for we haven’t told him he needs a transplant. He’ll be broken if he comes to know!” – Devi, mother

It all started when Madhan first suffered from Jaundice, three years ago. He got back to being normal after it subsided, or so they thought. However, a week ago, he realized he could no longer digest the food he ate. When his parents admitted him for bouts of vomiting, he was diagnosed with an acute liver failure. He was immediately admitted to the ICU. Without an immediate liver transplant, it’s a question of life and death for this boy.


Although scared of surgeries, Madhan’s mother is all set to donate her liver to save her son.

“I am worried about her. She’s terrified of surgeries. But now, all she can think of is that our son will get better after the transplant. She knows her life is not going to be the same after the transplant. But Madhan will be okay, and that’s all that matters to her. That’s how it is for us. Our life would be utterly pointless if anything were to happen to Madhan!” - Ilangovan, father.

“He understands our struggle; he promised us he’ll get more than 450 in his 10th board exams” 

“He’s a very contented child. He has always been pampered and showered with love from day one. He loves people. We lived as a joint-family of 11 and he did not know what it’s like to be alone. But now, he’s in the ICU all by himself. He’s struggling. It’s hard on him. He hates the loneliness more than anything.” – Devi, mother.

Inside the ICU, Madhan waits to get back home; outside, his parents are struggling to gather funds for his transplant

Ilangovan is a building painter, who works on daily wages; and Devi works as a receptionist for a small company. They have struggled a lot to give their kids good education, till their world turned upside down; now they are struggling to gather funds to save him!

“He’s never complained of an illness. We still can’t believe our son is in the ICU. Knowing that his life depends on the transplant, we haven’t been able to rest. We’ve called everyone in the neighbourhood, friends and family and borrowed money. But that isn’t even 1/4th of the required funds. 20 lakhs! Knocks the breath out of us. We are in desperate need of funds. Can’t afford to lose our son. Please help us save him!” Devi broke down.
Being bed ridden is the most difficult thing that can happen to an ever-active kid! Help him get his liver transplant. Help him survive. He’s yet to see life. Every contribution counts!

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