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Lucky Is So Weak That He Can't Even Put His Feet On The Ground, He Will Lose His Life Without Immediate Help

If Lucky tries to walk even a few steps, he falls down - that’s how weak he is right now. Komal, his mother, can’t imagine that the boy lying down in front of her is the same person who loved cycling to school and his tuition. Her active and happy son is fighting a dangerous disease now.

“I still remember the night when he got a severe infection. We thought this was the end - but by God’s grace he survived. But after that he didn’t even have the energy to say ‘Mumma’, the infection left him crippled. The next morning he was rushed to the ICU. His face and body were so pale and cold. He fought back last time, but if this happens again, doctors have told us that we will lose him,” - Komal.

10-year-old Lucky was completely normal until March when all of a sudden, he started getting extremely weak. But this is nothing compared to what he’s been going through for the past few days. He already fought death once but he’s also extremely prone to severe infections now as he’s diagnosed with aplastic anemia. The 10-year-old’s only hope to survive is to undergo an urgent bone marrow transplant.

Lucky is too weak to stand or speak

“Lucky can’t even put his feet on the ground, he’s that weak. He has to urinate in a bucket from his bed. The infection was terrible and right now he’s even unable to speak out because his gums hurt so bad that I have to apply a medicine but he still cries so much in pain, it’s just heartbreaking. The past few weeks have been absolutely horrible for us and I just wish he gets better.” – Komal

Within 2 months, Lucky’s weight has reduced by 7 kilograms and his arms and legs just appear to be so flimsy and weak. Right now, he’s also suffering from a 103 degree fever and his condition just seems to be getting worse by the day.

He wasn't moving - I thought we had lost him

“When he was rushed into the ICU, I was terrified because he wasn’t moving and it seemed like we had lost him. He was put on life-support for 12 days and as a mother, I can’t even describe how excruciatingly slow those days were. Shankar and I were just shedding tears and praying. By God’s grace, he survived, but by just looking at him, I still get the feeling that any day could be his last.” – Komal

Komal And Shankar need help soon to save their son

Lucky would get blood transfusions after every 10-12 days. Now, he is so critical that he needs it every 2 days, otherwise his body will just give up. It’s turning out to be very costly because just his 12 days in the ICU cost around Rs. 3 lakhs and now, we’ve been asked to stay here for 8 months more. We have nothing left to sell. This is just so stressful because his condition won’t improve without a bone marrow transplant.” – Komal

Unless Lucky undergoes an urgent bone marrow transplant, his condition will keep getting worse and won’t be able to go on for long. Lucky’s older brother Neev is the donor. But, the transplant costs around Rs. 22.5 lakhs and this way beyond what his father, Shankar can provide as he ears just around Rs. 9000/month working as a staff member at a hotel.

“We need all the help we can get it would just mean so much to us. With other’s gratitude, I hope Lucky is able to walk again.” – Komal

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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