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Darkness Is All She Can See, Without Your Help Cancer Can Kill This 5-Year-Old

“Can you imagine not being able to afford even a blood test for your child? We panic even when our children have a fever, and this is cancer! I can’t even take her to the hospital. I watch her suffer before my eyes every day…all because of me.” – Prakash, father

Deeksha should be in the hospital right now. She should be undergoing chemotherapy for her cancer. It has already taken away her sight in her left eye, it’s spreading to her right. But instead, Deeksha is at home. Her eyes red and swollen – not because she has been crying in pain every day for the past week, but because the cancer is aggressively spreading.

A playful afternoon led to her cancer diagnosis

It’s been 15 days since Deeksha was diagnosed with eye cancer. The event that led to this grave diagnosis was unusual – she was playing with her older brother, and a toy hit her eye. This happened all the time every other day, but that day changed her fate. For the next few days, Deeksha’s eyes were painfully swollen.

“Lakshmi and I took her to a hospital near our home in Gadag. They told us she has a cancerous tumour in her eye, and that they have to remove her eye. How could I let them do that? I decided to take her to a hospital in Bangalore.”

Unfortunately, the cancer has blinded the little girl in the left eye. The hospital in Bangalore also confirmed the same – she will lose her eye. It has to be replaced with an artificial one. This is the only way they can stop the tumour from spreading. However, Prakash can’t afford it. Deeksha needs chemotherapy and the surgery at the earliest.

She doesn’t understand why suddenly darkness is all she can see

Little Deeksha is full of questions. She is active, happy and loves playing with her brother and neighbourood friends. However, this was all before she was diagnosed with cancer. She has now stopped talking, she is cranky all the time. She is blind in one eye and is slowly losing sight in the other. She doesn’t understand why she can’t see like before. 

“This picture here where she’s smiling, it was taken when she was healthy. I remember this day so well, I kept complaining about how much she talks and how naughty she is… now can you see that white thing in her left eye? that's the tumour. It's growing.” - Lakshmi, mother

This is a father’s plea to save his young daughter from cancer

Prakash works as a driver in Gadag. He has spent Rs. 30,000 so far – that’s all of his savings. He is supposed to start Deeksha’s treatment in two days, but he just doesn’t have the money. She needs chemotherapy followed by a surgery to remove her right eye. Prakash is worried. He is calling everyone he knows, trying everything.

 “I need your help. I’m running out of time, my daughter is running out of time. Only 2 days are left for us to start her treatment. Every second counts.”

While Prakash struggles to get funds to start his child’s treatment, Deeksha’s condition is getting worse. She needs your help before it’s too late.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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