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1-Year-Old Can't Even Lie Down Because Of A Large Tumour On His Back, Needs Urgent Surgery

“Ek mahina pehle jahan tumor hai wahan par funsi ho gaye thi, shuruaat mein toh itna pata nai laga lekin 2-3 din mein isko bohot pareshani honi lagi” (A month ago there was a blister where the tumor is now. We didn’t realise initially but after a couple of days the pain and the discomfort made him very cranky), - Kuldeep's mother.

He then started scratching it’s surface says Kuldeep’s mother, which made it even worse.

That’s when they couldn’t wait any more and decided to come to Delhi, to get 1-year-old Kuldeep's tumor operated, after already being turned away by numerous government hospitals because of unavailability of beds.

Kuldeep has a birth defect called Meningomyelocele(in which the spinal canal and backbone don’t close before birth) because of which a huge outgrowth can be seen on his back. He was born in Bihar where at the time of birth they couldn’t find any treatment for the tumor in the local hospital.

“Sometimes when he starts crying it gets really difficult to control him. His tumour comes in contact with something and it hurts him so much that he can't stop crying.” says his father seeing him cry yet again while they are busy admitting him in the hospital.

He frequently suffers from fever and the tumor has been affecting his growth and development immensely. The doctor mentioned how it needs to be treated immediately, since its directly connected to the spine it could anytime cause serious issues in his brain.

Kuldeep’s mother is extremely careful while holding him. She uses a wet towel to clean him up everyday instead of giving him a regular bath. 

"He can’t lie down on his back because of the tumour. He has to sleep sideways and sometimes on his stomach. He is so uncomfortable, I can see that. But there is nothing I can do about it. Imagine not being able to sleep comfortably one night - my baby has to go through this every night." 

Kuldeep's father is a farmer while his mother, a homemaker. With the little bit of money that they earn,  they haven’t been able to gather the amount required for the operation. It’s been a year long struggle for Kuldeep and his family. You could help him lead a healthy life.

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