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Barber's 3-Year-Old Will Lose Her Life Without Liver Transplant, She Needs Your Help

"No one can believe that her life is at risk. She always has a smile on her face and is playful all the time. She thinks her stomach hurts because of eating chocolates but it that's not true. Her liver is damaging, it will get worse at any time.  Doctors have warned  us of the dreadful symptoms and said it can show up anytime. Liver transplant is the only means to save her but we cannot afford it," - Navnath, father of 3-year-old Kritanjali.

She is all set for her preschool but her disease is only getting worse

Kritanjali is a cheerful child, she did not have any health issues until last year. Suddenly, she started complaining of stomach pain. Her parents thought she would be fine soon - no parents dreams the worst for their child. They took her to a local hospital and got her medicines but it did not help her. When it kept on happening again and again, they took her to a bigger hospital. A series of tests confirmed that her bile ducts are widening abnormally and it is affecting her liver and she needs liver transplant at the earliest to save her life.

"We got her admitted to a preschool only a few months ago. Just the thought of my child going to school gave me so much of happiness and hope in life but her diagnosis took away everything. We were shocked, we still do not understand how it all happened. Everyday she asks me to send her to school but how can I do it? What will I do if something happens to her in our absence? - Navnath

My wife has to take care of our newborn baby, she feels guilty 

Anitha gave birth to a baby boy 3 months back. She is slowly recovering and she cannot move away form her baby even for a minute. Navnath takes Kritanjali every week for check up, Anitha has to stay back at home and she feels extremely guilty for not able to be with her when she needed the most.  Kritanjali, unaware of all this continues to play around and looking forward to go to school.

" We know she has a disease and the consequences too but we couldn't do anything, we live in fear every passing day," - Navnath

My income is barely enough to buy medicines, surgery is beyond my means

"I have been running to all my friends and relatives, all I get is few hundreds, they are also poor like me, how much can I ask them? I don't know what I can do. If we don't get any help, Kritanjali will suffer so much and her condition cam turn fatal too, I shiver when I think of it. Please help me save our daughter," - Navnath

Navnath earns Rs 5000 per month and he has to spend around Rs 3000 every month for medicines alone. He needs 20 lakhs for the transplant. He has got nothing to sell and there is no one who could help him with such a huge amount of money. Without any help, he'll lose his daughter.

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    The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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