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Her Painful Cries Are Heard In The Ward As Her Helpless Parents Beg For Your Help

Baby Keerti doesn't feed properly, even the little she has, she throws up. Her stomach keeps swelling because of the fluid accumulation, her stools are white in color. She cries day and night and even medicines are not helping her. Santosh and Sirisha can do nothing to comfort her.

"She has been admitted to hospital so many times. She's always crying. I don't know how her little body endures so much pain. The doctors have clearly told us that transplant is the only option to save her. Her life is at risk every day without it." - Sirisha, mother.

Baby Keerti's suffering began within 2 weeks of her birth

 Keerti was healthy at birth or at least her parents thought so. Within 2 weeks, her eyes and skin turned yellow. Santosh and Sirisha knew it was jaundice and they thought it would subside in a few days with medication. Unfortunately, their 3-month-old has biliary atresia. It is a disease in which the baby's bile (a liquid produced by liver cells to digest fat) flow from the liver to the gallbladder is blocked. This causes her bile to be trapped inside the liver, causing liver damage.

"The doctors said the Kasai procedure (surgical treatment) can remove the blockage in the liver. We thought with that her problems would be over. Within a week after the surgery, she got jaundice again and it was worse than before." - Santosh.

Crowdfunding is my only option now to save my baby

"After years of hard work, I finally got a good job in Pune, and the very next month, I was blessed with a baby girl. Things were falling into place for Sirisha and me until my baby fell terribly sick. I have no money and we have no one who can help us. I never thought I would need crowdfunding to save her life but I have no other option. Without your help I'll lose my baby" - Santosh Kumar, father

Baby Keerti is racing against time, but her father can't afford 12 lakhs despite his software job

Santosh was working for a small company, only last November he got a job in a software company in Pune. He earns 70,000 per month. He pays Rs 11,000 for rent and sends Rs 10,000 to his parents. He has now exhausted his savings of 1 lakh. He does not have any property to sell. He needs 12 lakhs for the transplant. It is extremely difficult for him to arrange this huge amount in a short span of time especially when his relatives have refused him help.

"My wife and I are now staying in the hospital. It has been nearly 2 months since I went to work. I managed all these days with my savings, now I don't have anything.." - Santosh.

 Baby Keerti is just 3 months old but all she has known is pain and suffering. A liver transplant is the only option to save her life. She is running out of time. With your help she can live a normal life.

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