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Miracle Child Born After 15 Years Of Marriage Is Battling To Survive Liver Disease

"We call him Kanha because he was our Lord's gift. He was born after 15 years of our marriage right when we thought having children were not in our stars. I believe God brought us to you so we can keep our miracle baby alive."

Kanha is 3 years old. Just like any child of his age, his eyes twinkle with mischievousness, pranks follow wherever he goes, and so does laughter. Behind all the smiles, there lies a sad story. Kanha has been diagnosed with a chronic liver disease. He is almost always in pain, and will not survive for long without a liver transplant.

He is our miracle baby

Sheetal and Mousim, Kanha's parents, are from Indore. Here, Sheetal works at a private firm earning Rs. 7000 while Mousim cares for the household. On this modest income, the couple lives comfortably, and they tried hard to start a family.

Kanha's birth left them feeling euphoric. Their prayers had been answered. The family had deserted them because they were childless. Even friends would whisper behind their backs. Now, everyone came together to rejoice. Until, Kanha turned yellow.
"I knew, when his eyes turned yellow, that he had jaundice. He was about 2 months old. We took him to a local doctor. He said it was normal for infants to get jaundice. The normal medicines should have helped him recover. A month later, there was no change. I took him to PGI where he was diagnosed with biliary atresia."

There was nothing else we could have done

Sheetal's world just shattered when he heard that his son had a liver problem. The doctors continued to explain that Kasai procedure was not an option since Kanha was already over 3 months of age. In his anxiety to try anything, Sheetal begged the doctors to try. The procedure was unsuccessful.

He can't understand his own pain

3 years old, Kanha has been on medical management for his liver disease. Every day is painful. Visiting doctors is traumatic just like stepping into House of Horrors. His stomach is always swollen, and his organs are being affected by his damaged liver. Kanha might lose his life soon if he does not get a liver transplant.
"We lost our house, we lost everything we had, and still that fear has not left us - we might lose our son. He is a gift. We want to do everything we can to keep him alive, and get rid of his pain. He cries everytime he even sees a hospital or hears that we are going to the doctor. He just keeps saying 'Dukh raha hai'. I just wish I didn't have to make him cry."

There's only one way to save Kanha

Kanha does not want to take his medicines. He wishes to run away from the nurses and doctors poking at him with needles. The only way to end his pain is a liver transplant that costs Rs. 16 lakhs. Unfortunately, Krishna cannot afford it now that he has nothing on him. He has not even been going to work ever since they came to Delhi for treatment.

"Family is there during good times. During bad times, they scatter like pigeons. It is majboori, my wife and I have to deal with this. We request your help to give our son a life."

You have the power to keep Kanha alive.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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