This Medical Student Set Out To Save Lives And Now Needs Your Help To Recover From A Catastrophic Accident | Milaap
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This Medical Student Set Out To Save Lives And Now Needs Your Help To Recover From A Catastrophic Accident

“Jenson called me around 7:00PM that day. He said he was hungry and needed money to get something to eat. He wanted to go across Bangalore border to draw from the ATM because in the city he was getting Rs. 2000 notes, and the shops refused to give change. In an hour, we got a call from the ER. They said he met with a major accident. We immediately came. And since then we have not left his side. It’s been 79 days.”

20-year-old Jenson was studying for his 3rd-year MBBS examinations when he took a break to withdraw money from an ATM. He met with a road accident in which he suffered a terrible head injury. He has undergone 6 surgeries and needs intensive treatment to recover from this nightmare.

This story is written from the perspective of Jenson’s mother, Susan.

We are from a small place in Kerala. My husband was an electrician. He quit his job when my mother-in-law suffered a stroke. This was around 10 years ago. He dedicated himself to her care, for 6 years until she died. We have a plantation which gives us produce like rubber. So for six months in a year, we make our living from this. It is not much, just about Rs. 50,000.

Jenson and his brother study very well. Jenson got through the entrance exam for medical college. Otherwise, we would have never been able to afford his education. As for my older son, he just finished his B.Tech and is pursuing his one year of apprenticeship. We had to pay Rs. 5.7 Lakhs for Jenson’s education. We sold our assets to make his medical dream come true.
It keeps playing in my head like a cassette. He wanted to go to an ATM outside Bangalore to withdraw money. He said “Mummy I am feeling hungry. The grocery shop does not take Rs. 2000 note and give change. So I will go and draw money, buy something to eat and come back to study.” He was studying for his exams. They told us that a tractor loaded with logs was driving towards them. They were hit very badly. His friend suffered an injury in the leg, and Jenson got the worst of it.
He was first rushed to Jalappa Medical College ER. That is where he was studying. There they said it is better to take him to Manipal. So they moved him. Since that day, February 1st, he has had 6 brain surgeries. When I reached he was in the OT. They had given him 9 units of blood. It was the scariest moment of my life. We had no money. Our neighbors arranged for it by taking loans, pawning their jewelry and using their assets. So far we have spent Rs. 27.5 Lakhs and the bills are still piling up.

People were saying that there is no way he will make it. But, the doctors here have been extremely good to us, to him. They have taken good care of him. They have given us courage as well. Slowly Jenson is recovering. He is conscious and aware of what is happening. He is following commands, getting physiotherapy and making remarkable progress.
The tracheotomy does not allow him to speak. He first signaled to me and asked where he was. He felt extremely sad about his condition. He is strong willed, otherwise, he would not have survived and made it through this.

They have removed the skull fragments near the frontal and parietal lobe. He needs surgery again. He is at a high risk of infection and so they are making sure that everything is ok before he goes under the knife again.

It’s been over 2 months since that hour passed. It changed our son’s life, and he is still struggling. We have no resources and would not have made it through if it was not for our neighbors. Now they have run out of resources as well. So we need your help to save Jenson.

Please help us give him a second chance. He wanted to save lives. It is only right that we save his.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.