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Even Hitting Against A Table Can Break This 2-Year-Old’s Bones, He Needs Urgent Help

For the past 4 months,  2-year-old Jayavardhan has been surviving only on fruits, any other food causes severe diarrhea and vomiting. He cries asking his mother to feed him eggs, but she has no other choice but to say no as his body cannot break down proteins. His liver is 100% damaged. Every passing day is a risk on his life without a liver transplant. The disease has made his bones so weak that now, even hitting against the edge of a table can cause a fracture.

Jayavardhan has a rare genetic disease that has damaged his liver 

Evenings were always Jayavardhan’s favorite part of the day, because every evening he would play in the mud near his house along with his friends.  4 months back, he got a high fever and he couldn't even take few steps. Mahesh and Shivangi were worried watching their only son growing weaker and immediately took him to the doctor.

After a few tests they were told Jayavardhan has tyrosinemia, a rare genetic disease where his body is unable to break down proteins which builds up in his body and becomes toxic. It can lead to even brain damage if not treated on time.

“We’ve never heard of such disease before and we had no clue what to do to save our son. The doctor only told us to take Jayavardhan to Mumbai for further consultation. We found out that his disease has already damaged his liver fully " - Shivangi, mother

Without the transplant, poor parents will lose their only son

Little Jayavardhan gets cold and cough very often. And sometimes it's so severe that he couldn't breathe on his own. His poor parents cry all the day as they helplessly watch their son go through this pain. He is growing weaker and needs a transplant without which his vital organs will stop functioning and turn fatal.

Poor parents skip their meals to meet his treatment expenses, yet they are running short of funds

Mahesh and Shivangi are farmers who grows onions and wheat to earn money. For the past 2 years, they incurred a huge loss due to crop failure. Mahesh also works as a tractor driver to earn extra income. Mahesh sold his cattle and borrowed money from others, all he could arrange was only Rs 1.5 lakhs and now he's running short of funds for Jayavardhan's transplant.

"No one in my village is willing to lend me money for my son’s transplant as I’ve already borrowed a huge amount from them. For the past 8 days, we have even skipped our meals so that we could meet his treatment expenses. I'm too poor to afford Rs 20 lakhs for my son's liver transplant. I’ve no other option but to seek your help.” - Mahesh, father

Little Jayavardhan was so healthy that his parents never thought he would need a liver transplant. They are doing everything they can to keep their son alive. It is beyond their reach to arrange Rs 20 lakhs in such a short period of time. Only your generous contribution can give them hope to save their son.

This 2-year-old  is in constant pain despite having strict diet and medicines, only a transplant can save him. His poor parents are desperately waiting for a help and this is your chance to save him.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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