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Jayashri Has No Means To Fund A Cure For Her Rare Blood Disorder

Aplastic anemia is a deadly disease that causes your body to stop producing new blood cells because of a damaged bone marrow or the stem cells that reside there. Jayashri was diagnosed with this rare disease, and it has caused her entire life to go off the wheels. Coming from an extremely disadvantaged family of five consisting of parents, two brothers and herself, the only riches Jayashri has is the tapestry of love that weaves them all together.

Poverty-stricken yet an undeterred spirit

Fatigue plagues anyone who is anemic, but for those with aplastic anemia, the symptoms do not just stop there. Lack of the major three types of blood cells leaves Jayashri feeling pale, exhausted, highly vulnerable to infections and prone to severe uncontrolled bleeding. Her condition has been hard on the family that depends on every member to contribute towards their everyday routine. Jayashri's brother was a bonded laborer whose little earnings helped them in seeing through a few of her medical bills and living expenses. However, ever since her condition worsened, the family is devoted to her by her bedside, which obviously has impacted the family income.

Healing hand is the helping hand

Initially, when Jayashri approached doctors for diagnosis, the family had no money to pay off the medical bills. The hospital continues to help them through this situation waiving off Rs. 70,000 for the initial round of tests, subsidized BMT estimate of Rs. 12 lakhs, continued care, and sample medicines to keep her stable additional to the few medicines the family bought.

Lucky for her, Jayashri's condition is treatable with a BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) which is possible thanks to a 100% donor match with her sibling. Currently, the transplant has about 85-88% success rate, which may decrease as her situation worsens with time.

Love is their greatest asset, and the family is doing all they can to keep their only girl child alive. Your contribution could ease their suffering and give Jayashri a chance to live the humble life she loves.

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