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Teenager Who Braved Bullying In Childhood Will Lose His Lifetime Battle To Liver Cancer Without Urgent Help

“After his second surgery in 2008 to get the tumour removed, he developed a small hole in his abdomen that was partially exposed. This meant that he would unknowingly pass stools through it sometimes. He had no control over it; so he had to keep the area covered with ragged clothes all the time. He covered it under his shirt all the time, but his classmates came to know about it gradually and made fun of him. How could my then 8-year-old son tell them that he was facing all this because of cancer?”-Venkatesan, father of 18-year-old Jaya Surya.

Lakshmi and Venkatesan fear to leave Jaya Surya's side even for a minute because they are afraid they will lose him

Liver cancer came for Jaya Surya when he was just 1-and-a-half years old; it has held on to him like a curse for 16 years now

Jaya Surya’s birth was celebrated like a festival in his home because his parents had gone through a lot of difficult times to get married. His mother, Lakshmi, was even assaulted and almost killed by her relatives for marrying his father. The parents had only started basking in the joy of having a new member to share their life with when Jaya Surya was diagnosed with liver cancer.

“His abdomen had started swelling unusually. His spleen had bulged to the size of a small ball. He was in so much pain and cried frequently. Our lives that were made complete by his loud giggles were suddenly dampened by his cries. I took on many odd jobs the moment the doctor said that he had cancer because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do anything with one job”-Venkatesan

Jaya Surya has had 3 surgeries till now, none of these could make him alright, but he has not lost hope for his family’s sake

Jaya Surya’s first surgery took place immediately after he was diagnosed at 1-and-a-half. His cancer came back with full force when he was 8 years old and had a surgery. That is when he got a small hole in his abdomen that made him pass stools from there.

“It was very difficult for Jaya Surya to face people, especially his peers, because he would to change the clothing tied around it frequently. His classmates would not spare him any ridicule when he had to excuse himself to do this during class hours. But my boy was never bothered by the jabs or insults. He knew that his parents were doing everything to save him and that he would be alright one day”-Lakshmi

Jaya Surya tells his mother that he will be alright soon

Jaya Surya’s third surgery was in 2013, when his parents and the doctors finally believed that he had gotten rid of the liver tumour for good. But just two months back, it came back again with a vengeance

Now, even as he is knocking at death’s door, he is positive and tells his parents not to be scared because he believes God will find a way to get him a liver transplant.

Jaya Surya bleeds profusely from his nose and mouth every day now because his tumour has become stronger. It is taking over his body, but not his spirit. His parents, Lakshmi and Venkatesan have dimmed hopes now because surgery after surgery has failed for their son. But Jaya Surya tells them that he will be able to beat his cancer this time.

“A liver transplant is the last resort for my dying son. He knows that and we know that. We are scared and are on the verge of killing ourselves, but our son’s reassurances give us hope. We know that Rs 20 lakhs is out of our reach, but knowing that our son maybe only a step away from receiving the help he needs makes us”-Venkatesan

Jaya Surya smiles despite his excruciating pain

How you can help

Venkatesan primarily works as a labourer in building construction but does many odd jobs as well. But from the past two months, since Jaya Surya’s condition has worsened, he has not been able to go for work. Lakshmi and Venkatesan do not care if they have to go hungry for days altogether also because they only have one wish: to see their son beat cancer and live with them happily.

“Isn’t it a very small wish that parents can have? To see their child outlive them? We have no money and the surgery costs Rs 20 lakhs, everything looks really bad for us, but as Jaya Surya says, there is hope. Please help us in saving our only son”-Venkatesan
Your small contribution can save Jaya Surya's life

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