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This 4-Year-Old Will Get Permanent Brain Damage If She Doesn't Get Treated Immediately

“I was at the village market, just buying some vegetables for my family, when someone grabbed my shoulder from behind and told me Your daughter is dying, they’ve taken her to a hospital. Your wife is already there’. My ears started ringing and I couldn’t talk as he dragged me with him to the hospital. All I could think was ‘How is this possible? My little girl was laughing and playing when I left home just half an hour ago. How can she be dying? She’s just 4 years old.’"– Hemraj, father of Indu, crying

Once at the hospital, Hemraj was told what had happened. Little Indu and Anandi, his daughters, had been running around and playing with each other when all of a sudden Indu had collapsed and started having a seizure. 8-year-old Anandi had been terrified, not knowing what was happening, and had screamed for her mother.

“I was at our neighbor’s house where I work washing dishes, when I heard Anandi screaming. I ran back home, and when I entered the room I saw Indu on the floor. She was all red, and looked like she was getting electrocuted. I immediately took her into my arms to try and soothe her, but her fit just wouldn’t stop. When five minutes went by, I knew she needed the hospital straight away, so I just picked her up and ran all the way to the hospital.” – Premlata, mother

The doctors were able to make little Indu’s condition temporarily stable, but told the worried parents that they wouldn’t be able to treat her there and to take her to a bigger hospital. Hemraj initially worried about the cost, but took Indu to a better hospital anyway because his daughter meant the world to him. There the doctors ran a number of tests to figure out Indu’s exact medical condition, and soon they gave him the diagnosis.

“I don’t fully understand all of it, but her brain is infected with some disease that makes her keep getting seizures. They tell me it’s very dangerous because each long seizure is damaging her brain a little at a time, and if it keeps happening then soon the brain damage will be permanent. When I first heard this I just held the doctor’s hand and cried. How am I going to afford the ₹5,00,000 treatment. I’m just a daily wager; I have no money saved up anywhere. I don’t know anyone who can lend me that much money. I don’t know what to do…”  –  Hemraj

The longer it takes for little Indu to get her treatment, the more she is at risk for permanent brain damage. Her parents are helpless in their poverty, watching their sweet little fairy slip further and further away from them. Only you can help them in this moment of need.

Donate now, and help bring Indu home.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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