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This Man Came Home After 5 Years To Find His Daughter Dying Of Cancer

Lying down in her bed, all alone, Husna wonders how her life has changed so fast. Just a few months ago, she was brimming with energy. Good in studies and a loving, caring, daughter, she is everyone’s favourite. She was in her final year of graduation, she had big dreams - she wanted to  get a job and make her parents proud. But all that seems distant to this 20-year-old now. She is fighting blood cancer and her father is struggling to afford her treatment.

Cancer crept into her life stealthily 

Ayub was visiting his family during the month of July. He had come back from the Gulf to spend time with his family after almost five long years and everyone was excited. Ayub had no idea that all that was soon to end in the worst nightmare of their lives.

“Husna seemed to have a cough. She also complained of a headache. We thought it was because of the weather but the tests shocked us. It said she has cancer…” - Ayub Khan, father.

Her disease doesn’t let her do what she loves best

Husna is a final year calligraphy student. She also learns Arabic. And she loves what she is learning. But now she is too weak to even sit up in bed on most days. Everything she eats, she vomits. She misses going to college, she misses being happy.

“The chemo has made her irritable. She hardly talks to us now. She just lies in her bed, listless, probably waiting for these medicines to cure her. And looking at her I feel helpless. I have forgotten the last time I saw her smile. She is only 20, her entire life is left, what if we can’t save her…” - Shabana, mother.  

Her only hope now is a bone marrow transplant

She is on her third cycle of chemotherapy and is showing improvement. But for her to get cured permanently, she needs a bone marrow transplant. But it would cost the family around 30 lakhs. They have already spent over 4.5 lakhs - their savings are over, there’s no one else they can borrow from - now you’re their only hope.  

A small contribution from your side can save Husna's life