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This 4-year-old Is Not Even Able To Walk A Step And Can Only Live If He Gets A New Heart

For 3 months now, Haripada has not walked. "Baba, why am I not able to walk like other children?" he keeps asking a father who is at a loss for words to explain heart disease to a 4-year-old. Without a heart transplant, Satheyendranath Roy would have to prepare his son for the worst.

"When a child is born, a parent refuses to even consider that something could be dangerously wrong. So when Haripada coughed and sniffled, we dismissed it as a common cold. When he was 1, our denial broke and we took him to the doctor who said it is a heart problem. The world came crumbling down."
Sathyendranath and his wife Basanti went to consult in Kolkata more than thrice. No treatment helped their child, and the doctor suggested they move to South India where healthcare was better.

"We came to Bangalore. Here at the hospital, Haripad had to go through so many tests. Finally, the doctor said it was indeed a heart disease but medicines were no way to save him. His condition is far gone and surgery is the only option now."
After 4 years, Haripad is here because his condition had begun to worsen. Earlier, a doctor had told him that medicines would control the disease, and he would recover soon. The family spent over Rs. 5000 a month on his medicines. Every month Sathyendranath would call his brothers for help. Though they were struggling, they gave as much as they could to buy him medicines. Now, this family is at crossroads unable to abandon hope or chase it.
"He used to play a little. Now it feels like he is in too much pain. He does not even get up. I can feel it in his voice when he says, Baba carry me, please!  He starts panting if he walks even a little. He has not taken a step in 3 months now. He keeps crying and asking me why he is not like other people. Why his body cannot support him if he wants to do things."
In Bangalore, this family is living in a shack with laborers from their town, far from the hospital in Yelahanka. They travel every day by bus so they can save rent money. The father is a daily wage laborer earning Rs. 150-200/day working in sun and rain, and now feels terrible that he is losing out on the opportunity to support his family.
"If we cannot afford this surgery, we have to go with medicines. But the doctors have told us that he will not live if he doesn't get the surgery. So it is not like we have any other option. Rs. 20,00,000 decides whether my son lives or dies."

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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