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This 2-year-old Has Already Lost Her Eyes To Cancer And It Is Now Threatening Her Life

Baby Fariha has been living in darkness since she became blind after being diagnosed with aggressive eye cancer in December last year, just a few days before her 2nd birthday. Doctors had to surgically remove her eyes recently as the cancer was spreading rapidly. She had to get artificial eyeballs fixed as a result. But her fight isn't over yet - she needs 3 more cycles of chemotherapy to stay alive. Her parents, Tanveer and Farheen, have not yet come to terms with the fact that their baby girl will never be able to see anything in life, but they now worry that her cancer will spread to the rest of her body and turn fatal. Short on funds, they are running out of time to save her.

“Ever since she lost her vision, she has been crying uncontrollably. She flaps her hands in air, like she is trying to find a way out of darkness. She puts her head down and faints when she gets tired from doing this. It is unbearable to see my poor baby suffer like this.”-Farheen, mother.

Baby Fariha’s journey into darkness began when she developed white spots in her eyes

One day in December last year, when Farheen would call out to her daughter right in front of her, she would look elsewhere. Coupled with that, when her eyes starting appearing droopy, Farheen and Tanveer were worried. On inspection, they were shocked to find white spots in Fariha’s eyes, at the edge of each pupil. They took her to a doctor immediately, and after an MRI scan the poor baby girl was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, an aggressive and deadly type of cancer that begins in the retina. With great difficulty, Tanveer took his daughter to many hospitals and finally started her treatment in their own city, Mumbai. But sadly, she lost vision in both eyes soon.

“Our bubbly little angel turned into a very irritable baby overnight. She would not stop crying, and some fluid would drain from her eyes all the time. Her eyes looked red and bloody all the time due to incessant rubbing. Even sleep was elusive. She would wake up in the middle of the night and scream because of pain.”-Tanveer, father.

Farheen has to hold down her baby’s arms to forcefully feed her, feels that she is losing her with every passing day

Farheen had always wanted a baby girl. So when Fariha was born years after the birth of their first child, 7-year-old Muzzakir, she felt that her life was finally complete. But fate had cruel plans in stock for this unlucky mother. Her baby girl’s laughter used to brighten up her days, but now all that’s left are happy memories in this time of despair. Fariha does not feed well and Farheen is forced to hold her arms down to get some food in her mouth. Without help, Farheen is trying hard to take care of her sick daughter while also managing household responsibilities.

“When I see Fariha playing with toys and listening to ‘duas’ (religious chants), I feel that she is just like any other normal baby for a fleeting moment. But then reality strikes me when I see her struggling to crawl, and bumping her head into things when she succeeds. Life has become a mixture of uncertainty and worry, but I have only one aim – to save my baby girl at any cost. Please help me.”-Farheen, mother.
With your kind help these parents will be bale to afford three more cycles of chemotherapy for their baby girl and save her life

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