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After Their Father's Abandonment, Elder Brother Struggles To Save Fardin From Heart Disease

Fardin used to be a jovial, energetic child who enjoyed going to school and playing with his friends. However, he was diagnosed with heart disease a few years ago, and little Fardin hasn't been the same since. Fardin is now forced to let go of his childhood, and spend his days at the hospital instead.  If not treated immediately, Fardin will not survive for long.

Fardin has had two major surgeries in the last two years

Fardin lives in a small town in West Bengal. His elder brother Arif brought him all the way to Bangalore with the hope that someone will be able end Fardin's suffering. Fardin was only 10-years-old when he underwent his first open heart surgery in 2015 in Bangalore. 

Arif and his mother sold some of their belongings and borrowed money from family members to pay for the surgery. This was their last ditch hope of making Fardin better. Unfortunately, the surgery was not successful. There was a leak in his aortic valve soon after which deteriorated Fardin’s health rapidly. Fardin, became more sick that ever.

Fardin used to idolise Shah Rukh Khan. He loved dancing to his songs. Everyone admired Fardin's dancing. But now, Shah Rukh fails to bring enthusiasm to Fardin. His family is shocked at how this happy, cheerful child is not longer able to even enjoy his favourite music.

Arif then brought Fardin to Manipal Hospital, where the doctor has suggested that the child needs to undergo another heart surgery immediately to repair the heart valve. This will be Fardin’s second surgery in two years, and the family cannot afford to pay for it.
Fardin with his mother before his first open heart surgery

He Was Abandoned By The Father When He Was Only A Child

23-year-old Arif is the only earning member of the family. The family was abandoned by the father a few years ago. Arif works extra hard so his family never feels the emptiness that his father's abandonment has caused.
“Our father didn’t even come to see him in the hospital. Fardin’s condition is so serious, but he doesn’t seem to care. This upsets me and my mother very much. Fardin is only a child, he doesn’t deserve this along with the pain he has to go through every day.”
Fardin with his elder brother

Arif works in a small shop in his town to help support the family. However, he is now unable to work since they’ve moved to Bangalore for Fardin’s treatment. This has proved difficult for the family due to mounting medical bills.

“We’ve left everything behind at home. I'm trying to do everything I can for my brother to get the treatment he needs, but now he needs one more surgery. We're helpless now.”

 Fardin with his mother and Arif

Urgent Need For Surgery

Fardin might not live if the surgery is not done at the earliest. He is required to undergo the ROSS procedure to repair the aortic valve. Arif wants to make sure that despite all their difficulties and poverty, Fardin is able to get better and have a good life. 

How You Can Help

Fardin needs to immediately undergo a heart surgery to survive. As Fardin’s only financial support, his brother Arif is struggling to make ends meet. Your contributions can help save Fardin’s life and give him his childhood back.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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