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12-Year-Old Epsita Wants To Beat Her Blood Disorder And Go Back To School With Your Help

Epsita was diagnosed with a serious blood disorder when she was only 4-months-old. She was only a baby when she started taking blood transfusions. Now, Epsita is 12-years-old and continues to undergo blood transfusions once in 21 days. However, her condition has deteriorated. Her worried parents took her to several hospitals. They were then told that the only cure for her disorder is an immediate Bone Marrow Transplant.  

Epsita Is Waiting To Go Back To School Again

Epsita’s illness has made her weak and highly susceptible to infections. She was often in and out of hospitals, which unfortunately restricted her time at school. Epsita enjoyed studying and learning new things when she was there. One would often find her hidden behind a book, exploring new worlds and characters.

“Epsita was very good at her studies. She also enjoys reading books very much. She looked forward to going to school because it showed her a life beyond the hospital. We encourage everything she wants to do, and never put any pressure on her. It saddens me to see her potential restricted because of her illness,” her father says.

Epsita with her mother.

Epsita has not been able to go to school for a while now. Her frequent visits to the hospital, the blood transfusions and her deteriorating condition has made it hard for her to do what she loves. Nevertheless, she’s hopeful that once she has had the transplant, she will go back to school again and resume her learning.

“She keeps asking us when she can go back to school. Now that she’s a little older, she’s able to understand her condition more, but she still hasn’t lost hope. Our daughter is a fighter and is determined to get better.”

Epsita with her mother and sister

There Is Hope For Epsita, But The Family Can't Afford The Treatment

Epsita has been suffering from a very young age. Her parents have done all they can to help her get the treatment she deserves. The family went through a difficult time when none of the family members were a suitable donor match for Epsita. Her parents were extremely worried, but they soon found hope when the doctors told them about a suitable donor match for her. She was advised to undergo the transplant immediately. However, the transplant is estimated to cost Rs. 30 Lakhs. Her father, Ramesh, is a daily-wage worker and can’t afford the large sum required for her transplant.

“My daughter is a very strong girl. She has lived with this condition for more than 11 years now, but she might not make it for longer if the transplant isn’t done at the earliest. We were happy when they told us about the donor, but at the same time we’re worried that we will not be able to afford to pay for it. It’s a lot of money. The fear of not being able to save my daughter worries me every day.”

Epsita has been diagnosed with a severe blood disorder known as Thalassemia. She must undergo an immediate bone marrow transplant to have a chance at beating the disorder. Epsita has stayed strong all these years and continues to fight for her life, but she might not be able to for long if the transplant is not done at the earliest.

How You Can help

Epsita has been living with a severe blood disorder ever since she was little. However, her condition has deteriorated considerably. Epsita can’t fight this disorder without an urgent bone marrow transplant. Her father is the only earning member of the family and can’t afford to pay for the treatment with his salary of a daily-wage worker. They have found a donor, but Epsita needs Rs. 30 Lakhs to undergo the transplant.

Your contributions will give Epsita the life she deserves.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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