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Few More Days In The ICU Will Save This 8-Year-Old But Her Parents Can’t Afford

“Her heart started to beat very fast even while she was eating food, leave alone running or playing. Never in our lives did we think that it was her heart disease that was making her so weak...The doctors said that only a surgery to save her now,”- Rajkumar, uncle

She had heart surgery but...

Dikshita underwent an open heart surgery two weeks ago and was successful but within seven days of the surgery, she developed post surgery sepsis. Sepsis is a life threatening condition where the body is unable to fight the injection attacking the body.

“We somehow managed to afford the operation, we sold the gold we had and borrowed from our relatives. After the surgery when we thought everything was over and we can take our child home, she... she didn’t even open her eyes properly. It’s been 2 weeks.”- Grandmother  

Her parents can't be with her

The entire family is struggling to save not one but two lives. Dikhshita's grandfather use to take their buffalo for grazing everyday and on one such day he collapsed to the ground and got unconscious. When taken to the nearest hospital it was found that his platelets are very low and without immediate treatment he will not survive. At the very same time, Mahendra and Mithilesh, Dikhshita's parents got to know that her daughter needs a heart surgery.

"My brother and sister-in-law were devastated but they had to stay with our father. So I brought my niece for her  treatment but now it feels like I am failing and not being able to keep the promise of keeping her safe. I am losing her. What will I tell to my brother? "- uncle

Dikhshita is currently unconscious and on support system. She needs post operative care in intensive care unit for few more weeks. It will save her life. But the family cannot afford Rs 8 lakhs which is the total cost of the treatment. They already have a debt that they took for the operation and are unable to arrange money any further. Along with Dikhshita they have been spending on her grandfather's treatment too. They are broke and are in desperate need of help.

Your help can save Dikhshita and help her live a carefree life which she could never experience with the heart disease that she had since birth. With your generous contribution Dikshita can lead a normal life like kids of her age.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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