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5-year-old Diganth Can Go To School If He Beats Cancer

"They push the medicine through his weak little arms. I am not allowed inside with him, but every time he tells me how it hurts, I pray no father would have to watch their toddler suffer this way,” Manju’s 5-year old son is battling Cancer, while he should be going to school.
Manju is a carpenter. Like most parents, he also wanted the best for his little one. He got him admitted to a school, but little Diganth never made it to class. His body does not allow him to go to school. On May 30, 2017, the little one was diagnosed with cancer. Now, every week he goes to the hospital twice for chemotherapy, wishing he could go to school instead.

A family vacation that ended with shocking news

Manju took his family to his native place for a small trip. Although the little one had great fun with his grandparents, towards the end of the stay, he was beginning to look increasingly dull. He was down with severe fever by the time they got back home. When the prescribed medicines did not work, some tests were suggested. The results being unclear, he went for a bone marrow test. Diganth was diagnosed with Cancer.

"I have heard about Cancer, but never thought my little boy could also have it. I still sometimes hope it’s all a bad dream," Manju says

He needs treatment twice every week

While the doctors are pondering over a bone marrow transplant, they are trying their best to get Diganth better with just chemotherapy. They would only go for the Bone Marrow Transplant if chemo does not work. Little Diganth would still need chemotherapy for 6 months. This is estimated to cost Manju 10-12 lakhs.
“I’m only a carpenter, but my family has always been happy in my limited income. Now, I cannot work twice a week, and my income is lesser than before. This makes it very difficult for me to continue Diganth’s treatment. I just hope money does not become a reason why my son’s suffering continues,” Manju breaks at the thought of not being able to save his son.

Little Diganth cannot wait for his ordeals to end.

 Diganth is desperately waiting for the suffering to get over. He cannot wait to go to school like his other friends do. He asks his father every day when he would become like his friends, but poor Manju has no words to explain Cancer to his 5-year-old.
The helpless father must pretend he knows his son is going to be alright very soon. He must show the little one he is powerful enough to save him from everything.
That is the only thing that helps Diganth bravely undergo his chemo without giving up.

How can you help

Although Manju pretends he can save his son, he is out of means to do so. 2 months of chemotherapy have drained him of all the money he could possibly arrange.
 Manju now needs your help to keep his son alive. Your contribution can help continue little Diganth’s treatment.

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