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“He Doesn't Cry Anymore When Big Ants Bite Him Because He Is Used To Needles And Pain”

Deepesh is a 1-year-old baby who needs a liver transplant within the next two months. His parents see that he has learnt how to deal with pain because of his constant pain. His father works in a private company in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, and does not earn enough to save Baby Deepesh.

Baby Deepesh is slowly losing his vitality

“The doctors say that he has to get a transplant by next month or he will not make it. He always has a fever and vomits whatever he eats. His stomach may be swollen because of illness, but the expression in his eyes shows us that he is still a small, innocent child. He is confused by the illness in his body,” says Kalyan, Deepesh's father. 

Deepesh is learning his first words and loves to walk to different parts of the house playing. But unlike a normal baby, Deepesh gets tired very fast and needs a lot of rest. He also needs to eat a lot so his body can squeeze out minimum nutrition. 
Deepesh with his parents Kalyan and Soujanya a few months back

Deepesh was diagnosed with Biliary Artesia when he was just 2 months old. This means that the bile produced in the liver was not draining into the bile duct. The bile stayed in the liver, painfully corroding the liver. He underwent an operation but it did not stop the damage to his liver.
Deepesh with a cousin

Deepesh's stomach has become swollen. “He is always falling sick with vomitting and fever. Ever since the doctor has told us how bad his condition is, we take him to the hospital whenever he becomes really sick, or it could be fatal,” Kalyan says. 

Deepesh with his sister Bhanushreee

Kalyan and Soujanya have tried everything to save their baby

Kalyan and Soujanya have sold off everything they had and scraped together Rs 10 lakhs that have all been spent on treatment so far. Soujanya's parents sold off the small parcel of land they owned – their pride and joy for Rs 4 lakhs but it is not enough to save him. Meanwhile, the baby's condition is only deteriorating.

The parents are in a race against time – they want to raise money before they lose their baby. Kalyan's job pays him about Rs 8,000 per month and Soujanya is a housewife and needs to care full-time for Deepesh. At the moment, they have no way of raising any more funds. 

How you can help

Kalyan needs another 16 lakhs to make sure Deepesh gets the liver transplant that will save his life. They have exhausted all their resources and desperately need help. Our support will help these desperate parents save their baby.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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