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Critical In The ICU, This 10-Month-Old Who Hasn’t Opened Her Eyes In A Week Needs Your Help

 “They say I have to keep calling out to her to see if she responds, but my baby has not woken up in 8 days now. She’s too weak, she can’t even breathe on her own. The machines are the only thing helping her,” – Nisha, mother

Last Sunday, baby Clara’s liver completely failed overnight. She has numerous tubes running through her body – to help her breathe, eat and clear her blood of any toxins. Clara’s condition is critical. The only thing that can save her is continued stay in the ICU.

Nisha calling out to baby Clara - "I say her name every time I go to see her."

Baby Clara showed no symptoms of her grave disease

Baby Clara said her first word ‘amma’ one month ago. She was happy and playful before this disease, that appeared without any warning.

She had no symptoms. The day before she was admitted to the ICU, she had a mild fever. After giving her the medicines, she was absolutely fine. She continued to play with her brother. The next morning, though, she could barely sit up. Her condition worsened overnight and there was nothing we could do then.”

Baby Clara has been in the ICU for acute liver failure since 3rd March. She’s on ventilator support, medication and IV fluids. Her liver is slowly regaining its function due to ICU care. She needs to stay for at least 2 more weeks to survive.

Johnson works all day and night to try and afford his baby’s treatment

Nisha and Johnson have already spent 4 lakhs on baby Clara’s treatment with help from their family. Johnson works in construction and is now taking up even the night shifts to try and continue their baby’s treatment. He can visit her only during his lunch break for half an hour. Nisha hasn’t gone home in a week, she stays in the waiting room of the ICU.

My husband earns 700 per day, and now he’s trying to look for any other work he can get. The bills are only piling up, we haven’t been able to afford the pharmacy bill either. That itself is almost 85,000 rupees.”

 It’s been a painful week for Nisha and Johnson – they are emotionally and financially exhausted now. Their baby Clara's liver has failed and she's critical, but they have nothing to save her. Nisha and Johnson need your help to save their baby girl.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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