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10-year-old Basudev's parents are struggling to save him from a blood disorder

Basudev has a blood disorder where his body has stopped producing enough blood cells. It caused him to develop a serious infection. Basudev spent the last 10 days in the ICU and needs a bone-marrow transplant to get better. His father and uncle have come from a small village in Orissa and are struggling to continue paying the mounting bill. 

Basudev with his father Nakul and mother Triveni

Coming to Bangalore is this boy's last hope for getting better

Basudev's father Nakul has a rice processing machine. He buys up rice, processes it and takes it to the market in his village Dengausta, Odisha. He makes Rs 8,000 every month and it is enough for his family to eat and for his children to go to the 'private-school' in the village. 

Basudev, before he became sick

But only 3 weeks back, Basudev's illness snatched away the peace and security of the family. “He had fever one day and suddenly his condition became really bad and he developed pneumonia. We took him to Berhampur – the nearest town, but they asked us to come to Bangalore,” explains Nakul.  

Basudev with his sisters

Nakul and Basudev came to Bangalore and he was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. By the time they got to Bangalore, Basudev's condition had become worse and he was bleeding from his mouth and stomach. He was rushed to the ICU and he was under constant monitoring last 10 days.

Basudev in their home in Dengausta

His condition is now stable and and he has moved out of the intensive care unit. But Basudev needs further treatment to get better. For Aplastic Anemia, he needs a bone-marrow transplant that will restart production of blood cells in his body. Unfortunately, his family cannot afford the treatment.

They family spent everything they had on coming to Bangalore

The family knew coming to Bangalore would be expensive so they encashed their savings, sold some property and borrowed heavily and brought Rs 3 lakhs with them. All that money is gone and they have borrowed another Rs 2 lakhs for the treatment till now. 

Basudev with his sister celebrating Raksha Bandhan

A sense of hopelessness hangs around the family now. Basudev needs a bone-marrow transplant to get better but it is an expensive procedure and the family is already in debt. They are not in a position to arrange for another 15 lakhs for a bone-marrow transplant. 

“This is the time for him to play and be happy. But he misses his mother, his school and his sisters for the last 20 days he has been sick and asking us when we can go home. If we can't arrange for funds, we'll have no choice but to go back,” says Nakul.

Without the transplant, Basudev's condition will only get worse. He is vulnerable to infections and the complications can even lead to death. The treatment is the only way, he will recover and live a healthy life. 

How you can help

With treatment, Basudev has a good chance of getting better. No matter how desperately he tries, his father will not be able to arrange the amount needed for a bone-marrow transplant within the month. Let poverty not be the reason, a happy kid doesn't get the chance to live.

Contribute to help Basudev get better and lead a healthy life.

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