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Raja Needs Your Help to Save His Mother from Complete Blindness

A Few months ago, we came to know my mother has a tumour in her brain. Doctors said she is going to be blind soon. The lady who always tried hard to make sure the family is happy is now struggling to save herself from permanent blindness.

My name is Raja. It’s been 6 months that my mother is suffering from a severe headache. I live my parents in Howrah. Life has always been a struggle for my mother.

She always ignored her health while taking care of us

Like every mother, even my mother is a very selfless lady. She works the whole day to take care of everyone in the family. She makes sure that all our needs are fulfilled but ignored her own health. She used to complain of severe headaches. I had asked her many times to come with me to a doctor but she never agreed. It was only when she fainted at home one day, we realized that her condition is very serious. I forcefully took her to a doctor where an MRI scan report gave us the shocking news that she has a brain tumor.

I knew my mother was ill and was trying very hard to convince her to go for a check-up. I could never even imagine that she would be suffering from such a dangerous disease. The doctor even told us that she has lost a lot of time and if proper treatment is not started immediately she may even suffer from permanent blindness.

The price to save my mother from blindness is a lot, I am scared I will fail

Without any further delay, I brought her to Bangalore. The doctors reconfirmed that her condition is very serious and needs an urgent surgery to save her from permanent blindness. I got her to Bangalore but I have no idea how to arrange the money for her surgery.

I had to discontinue my higher studies because of our financial condition. My father works in private sector for a monthly wage of Rs.3000. I used to do daily wage work to support the family. Now I had to even leave the job to take care of my mother.

We have nothing left in the house to sell for my mother’s treatment

We stay in a rented house and have no property or jewelry to sell and arrange for her surgery. My father has arranged Rs. 30,000 but that is already spent on her treatment, hospital bills and medicines so far. Now they need another 1.6 Lakhs for her surgery.

I cannot see my mother live the rest of her life in complete blindness. My mother has sacrificed a lot in her life. Her struggle is unimaginable. The little I can do for her is to give her a healthy normal life but my hands are tied to poverty. There is no one to take care of her now and her health condition is such that she cannot manage things all by herself. In such a situation I cannot leave her and go to work.

How You Can Help

Bakul needs 1.6 Lakhs to surgically remove her brain tumor. In no way can the family arrange such a huge amount all by themselves. Raja needs our help to get his mother out of this suffering.

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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