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This Baby Survived A Surgery Just Hours After Birth, But Her Life Is Still In Danger

“As soon as my baby was born, she was put on an oxygen mask. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about, just a normal procedure to check her health. But within a few hours everything changed... She needed immediate heart surgery to survive.” - Ravi, father

Ravi and Sravanthi started their journey together very recently, and having a baby together strengthened their love even more. Sravanthi was devastated to hear that her baby’s life is in danger and on the other hand, Ravi ran pillar to post to arrange the amount needed and save the baby. The surgery was successful but it wasn’t the end of their nightmares.

She has an infection that can kill her 

Baby of Sravanthi had an infection before the surgery but due to the critical emergency, her surgery couldn’t be delayed. The baby was kept under observation for the ongoing infection but her condition is not any better, she is suffering from life-threatening pneumonia. Although the surgery was successful, she needs continuous ICU and ventilator support to survive.

“...Things got so bad, so fast. We didn’t even get time to be relieved that she had a successful operation. She is still struggling to survive. Her infection, it can take her away from us.” - Ravi

“My wife, she was here for a while but she couldn’t handle it emotionally. Whenever we went to see the baby, tears would fall down her eyes but she would say nothing and stand still. She hadn't recovered from her delivery yet either, so I sent her back home. Now, she calls every day to know about the baby and every day it is so heartbreaking to tell her that our baby... that she is still not okay.” - Ravi

I get just 5 minutes a day to meet her and it is so hard to leave

“It’s been over a month now and I haven’t spent more than 5 minutes a day with my daughter. What if I don’t get to see her again? What if I lose her even before holding her up in my arms? What would I say to my wife? Every day when I enter that ICU, it is so hard to leave her, those questions just running circles in my head.”- Ravi

Ravi works at a Xerox shop near a vehicle registration office. Even though the cost of the treatment was beyond his means, he begged and borrowed, and promised to work twice as hard to repay all of it back. But it is not enough to save his little baby girl. 17 lakh rupees more is needed to save his baby and he is left with no means to arrange even a penny anymore.

He needs your generous help. Your contributions can help this father take his baby home to his wife who is desperately waiting to see her baby. Click here to contribute.