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This 3-year-old Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer and She Needs Immediate Help To Live

"She is just 3-year-old but she already  gone through so much pain. We do not understand what is happening to her, she has stopped talking to us. She doesn't complain about anything but that is what scares us the most. We don't know how her little body is enduring all of this.  Her condition is very critical, if she does not get the treatment here, we'll lose her forever." - Atiwar Rahman , Father

A head ache led to chain of events that are worse than nightmares

Yasira had seemed in perfect health until 4 months back, when something strange began to happen, she began to vomit almost everyday. She was sleeping all the time. Her parents were terrified when she complained of headaches, she was in tears and gripping her head. They took her to hospital and a series of tests confirmed that she has brain tumor and it had to be operated immediately. Tumors in the brain stem  can be very challenging to treat because of the sensitive location. Only a part of the tumor was removed at the first surgery.

"We couldn’t figure out the reason for her headache, but never imagined it to be tumor. It was too much for her to bear. We did not have time for anything. We couldn't think of anything but saving her life," - Atiwar Rehman

This painful journey seems to be endless

 Her parents were hopeful that they can take her back soon. Unfortunately, she has a long road to recover. Only 90% of her tumor was removed in her 2nd surgery, she needs chemo cycles, radiotherapy and a bone marrow transplant to recover completely.

"When she talks to us it is only about her grandmother, she is missing her a lot. We tell her that we'll be back to home soon, it hurts to lie to her. Her hair has already started to fall in lumps, she has stopped eating and her growth is stunted. I wish God gives us the strength to endure the coming days," - Ruksana.

Bills are piling up everyday and we do not have anything left with us

Atiwar is a salesman in super market. He managed all these days with the help of his friends. His boss and colleagues are also helping him but it is not enough. He needs 15 lakhs for the treatment and it is beyond his means. He has rented a small room in Bangalore for which he has to pay Rs 400 everyday. Without your help, all their efforts will go in vain and they'll lose their daughter.

"With no job and no one to help in this new city, everyday is a struggle for us. She is our only child and we cannot lose her at any cost, please help us to save her," - Atiwar Rahman

Together, we can save 3-year-old Baby Yasira from a deadly disease

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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