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This 4-Month-Old Baby Throws Up At Least 8 Times A Day And Is Half The Normal Weight Due To Severe Heart Disease

“We’ve been married for over 7 years we just couldn’t conceive for years. Finally, our baby boy was born. I was overwhelmed with happiness. But, since he was born 6 weeks before he was due, for the first 2 days, the doctor said that he wasn’t sure if he would live. Our lives have just turned upside down.” – Shimul, Shreyan’s father

 Shimul, Shreyan, and Soma

After Shreyan beat the odds of survival during the first few days of life, for the past 4 months, his parents have been tormented by the fear of losing him. They have done everything they could to save him. Shreyan has a rare and complex congenital heart disease. To survive, he needs an urgent surgery but the only issue is that his parents have no means to save him.

Shreyan was in the ICU for 8 days due to pneumonia

Just a month ago, Shreyan was finding it incredibly hard to breathe and had to be admitted to the ICU. He was assisted by a ventilator and he needed oxygen to survive. Shimul and his wife, Soma, were shocked and taken aback because this happened all of a sudden.

This was just the beginning. Little did Shimul and Soma know that their hearts would sink as they saw the results of the 2-D Echo test.

Shreyan is critical and getting worse every day

Soma and Shimul’s happiness came crashing down when they learned that their 4-month-old baby had a complex congenital heart disease.

In simple terms, Shreyan’s body is receiving a lot of oxygen-poor blood causing him to breathe rapidly for more oxygen. He is unable to feed too, and he throws up whatever he is fed. His heart is at high risk of failure.

“His head, legs and fingers turn blue due to the lack of oxygen. In just a few minutes, he gets tired of feeding. He vomits 7-8 times a day. He needs to take at least 12 tablets everyday. He needs that heart surgery immediately. These are very tough times, and as parents, we can’t begin to describe how bad we feel. We cry almost every day.” – Shimul

Shreyan is extremely underweight

At the age of 4 months, a normal baby’s weight should be around 7 kilos. But Shreyan weighs just around 3.5 kgs. He is literally half the weight he should be. His condition is getting worse every day and he needs an immediate cardiac surgery.

Only a heart surgery can save Shreyan

Shreyan was scheduled to have a heart surgery in March but it had to be pushed back because the 4-month-old’s thyroid levels are very high. He needs to take additional medicines to stabilize his thyroid levels and his surgery is pushed to April. Now, his father is racing against time to save him.

The 4-month-old’s only hope for survival lies in getting an immediate and critical cardiac surgery. In addition to the surgery, the baby also needs a pacemaker to control his highly abnormal heartbeat.

“We are just very depressed. He was scheduled to undergo surgery but his condition got worse and now I don’t even have anything to provide for his surgery.” – Shimul

Shimul’s family members are ill too

“When I was in the first year of my college, my mother passed away. My father has been suffering from tongue cancer and he needs chemotherapy and other treatments too. We’ve tried so hard for a baby for years and after being blessed with a child, now we are afraid to lose him.” – Shimul

Shimul and Soma are running out of time to save Shreyan

Until now, Shimul has already spent Rs 3 lakhs on Shreyan’s medicines and treatments. Shimul works as an urban planner for a meager salary and his wife was a teacher before she had to take leave to take care of her baby.

Shimul hasn’t been able to go to work for over 6 months and is left with absolutely nothing to save Shreyan. The total cost for the heart surgery is estimated to be around Rs 3 lakhs. The pacemaker is an addition Rs 1.75-2 lakhs. After that, Shreyan needs checkups that will cost around Rs 75,000.

Shimul and Soma are left with no option but crowdfunding.

How you can help

4-month-old Shreyan, born premature, has beat the odds of survival but now, he is suffering from a complex congenital heart disease and other birth defects. His only hope to survive is to get a heart surgery as soon as possible but his parents have absolutely nothing left. They need your help to save him.

Your support and contribution can save 4-month-old Shreyan.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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