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Eid Won’t Bring Happiness To These Parents If They Can’t Save Their Baby, You Can Help Them

"Doctors said we are too late for any other options but liver transplant. 2 years back, we lost our baby unexpectedly even before we could diagnose his condition. I still cry thinking about him. We believe that Ramadan fasting will wash away all our past sins and bring us close to Allah. All I can do for my baby is to pray continuously and fast for him the whole day. I desperately wish that Allah will give back my baby healthy to me this Ramadan," -  Sameena Parveen. mother of 7-month-old baby Shafiullah

Nothing can comfort this baby's pain, he cries uncontrollably

Baby Shafiullah was seemingly healthy when he was born. Two months back, he had severe indigestion problem, he was suffering from dehydration and was vomiting frequently. Parents thought that the medicines prescribed by the local doctor was enough but he did not get better. He was not sleeping at all and was crying all the night. When his stomach started swelling, the local doctors suggested to take him to Delhi for further check up. After taking him to several hospitals, waiting for many hours, they finally came to ILBS where they found that his liver is damaged completely. Even Kasai procedure can't cure him now. A transplant is the only option to save him.

"Vomiting and fever are now in control but it has not stopped, I cradle him in my arms till he falls asleep but he hardly sleeps for 3 hours, then he begins to scream in pain. I'm watching him suffer helplessly. I feel it is my bad luck that has passed on to my children. There is nothing that I could do to comfort him, the pain is just too much for him to bear," - Sameena. 

We have exhausted all our sources, please help us save our baby

Saifullah is a contract labourer, works as a mechanic in Jammu. He has been with the baby since he fell sick. His father had a small piece of land and he sold it for 3 lakhs. His relatives and friends helped him with 2 lakhs and he has spent all that for tests and medicines. He needs over 17 lakhs now which includes transplant and post transplant costs for 1 year. He has nothing left with him and without your help, this couple will lose their baby.

"My wife does not move away from him even for a minute, she just eat dates and drinks water to break her fast. Sometimes not even that. She tries her best to comfort the baby, failing to do so, she breaks into tears. We have no strength to see him suffer, please help us to save him." - Saifullah

This Eid, you can gift this baby a new life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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