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This 4-year-old Who Vomits Blood Is In Serious Danger Without A Liver Transplant

"Her poop turned black. She was still lying in bed when I moved the bedsheet. I almost fainted seeing it drenched in blood with clots that had hardened into a ball. By the time we reached hospital, she began to vomit blood and she fainted at the entrance. Her haemoglobin level was only 2%. There was no salt in her body. She needed saline, blood transfusions and a ventilator to just stay alive." - Muruganantham.

She was born without a gallbladder and even doctors lose hope

Unlike any other newborn, Sathvikaa(Sathi) did not poop after birth. Her intestines were twisted and she did not have a gallbladder. Even after an emergency surgery, she needed medicines to survive. Within days she was jaundiced.

"The doctors told us to take her home and keep her comfortable. We wanted to go for another surgery even if it meant giving her 5% chance to survive. When everyone around us lost hope, Sathi fought through and made it out."

The pain did not end there, and Sathvikaa's liver was failing

After she was discharged Sathi condition got worse. She grew more yellow every day, and her tummy began to bloat to the size of a football. She had dysentery and would go over 10 times a day. Eventually, she was so critical that they rushed her to the ICU.

After two days, she gained consciousness. She said, “Appa, please remove all these tubes, I’m scared. I don’t want all this.” I cried out of relief that she is still talking, and she said, “Please don’t cry Appa, I will not ask you again, please don’t cry”.

Sathvikaa cried out to strangers to give her water 

The doctors had to insert tubes via her nose into the stomach to see what was causing so much pain. She was not allowed to eat or drink for 14 hours. Sathi cried and begged her parents to give her something to eat. When they did not heed to her requests, she cried out to strangers for water. The people in the ward were moved to tears watching her pain.

Now, she is bleeding through her skin and stools

Sathi was bleeding inside, and her poop was full of blood. She needed injections every hour to control it. The bile in her skin made her itch all over all night causing her skin to break and bleed. She is unable to sleep and cries for her parents all the time. She has hours, at most days to fight the disease with a liver transplant.

There is no money left with the family for treatment 

Both Muthuselvi and Muruganandam go to work, taking different shifts in the day so one of them can stay with Sathi. They have not been able to pay a year's school fees for their 10-year-old daughter, Yokita, and have not bought her any books as all the money goes towards Sathi's treatment.

Her cries echo through the hospital corridors, and her sheets are soaked in blood almost every hour. Every hour she has, is critical to saving her life.

How can you help

Last time when he took her to the hospital, Muruganandam had only Rs 500 with him but he got the money from his friends and family at the right time. Now, they are out of options when the surgery is estimated to cost Rs. 20 lakhs. Sathi has been through a painful battle, and she is so close to the cure. The family hopes that everyone's blessings will save her, and with a little help, Muthuselvi can donate her liver.

Your contribution can give Sathvikaa a chance to live her life!

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