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Her 15-Day-Old Baby Is in The ICU, This Young Mother Blames Herself

Sirisha is seeing her baby suffer every day, and she has started to think there is no hope for him. She can't bear to see him with the tubes and nozzles covering his face. This first time mother has been spending her nights and days blaming herself. She feels it's on her. She thinks her baby boy is suffering because of some mistake during her pregnancy. She is praying with all her heart but the only thing that can save her baby's life is an urgent heart surgery. 

"But I did everything right...how did this happen? It's all my fault,"- Sirisha breaks into tears.

Fifteen days ago, Sirisha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Within just one hour of his birth, however, the happiest moment in her life became the most terrifying, when the doctors told her something was very wrong with her child. He seemed to be very weak, and getting weaker by the minute.

After a few scans, it was discovered that her precious baby has multiple holes in his heart. In addition to this, the arteries connecting his heart to the rest of his body are not in the right place. The combination of these rare heart defects means that her baby cannot breathe on his own. Without ventilator support, his body cries for oxygen and he gasps for breath, while his skin slowly turns blue.

To stay alive, this 15 day old baby either needs 24x7 medical care and support, or an open heart surgery.

Sirisha is a housewife, and Srinivas, her husband, is just an entry-level worker in a private company. They cannot afford the surgery that their son so desperately requires to fix his heart. They have used up almost their life savings to keep their son in the ICU so long, to buy them some time until they can arrange the much larger amount required for the surgical procedure. But that money is running out.

Their baby does not have much time.

“He just looks so weak. When I look at him through the glass window to his ICU room and I see him just lying there with all those tubes and machines, I just... I just cry. Sometimes I wish he hadn’t been born.” – Sirisha

The situation is critical right now for this family, and especially for this innocent baby. They cannot afford the surgery that will give their child the happy, healthy, life he deserves, and soon they will run out of money to keep him in the ICU. You can help them. 

With your help, these parents can save their baby

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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