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This Mother Already Lost One Baby 3 Months Ago, Now She's About To Lose Another

“Will today be the day?”

This is the question that first-time parents Sandeep and Seena have on their minds as soon as they wake up each morning. On hopeful days, this is them wondering if they’ll finally be able to bring their baby girl home after seeing her hospitalized for nearly 5 months. But the sad truth is, most days, this question is them wondering if today is the day that they lose their baby girl as well, just like they lost their baby boy.

It was the happiest day in this couple’s lives back in September last year, when just a few days after their anniversary, the test result had come back positive, and it was official that they were finally expecting a baby. They had been yearning for this news ever since they got married more than 7 years ago, after trying various fertility treatments over the years. It was IVF that finally worked, and that too the second cycle as the first cycle had failed. They had spent nearly all their savings in their efforts but to them… it was worth it

Especially when they found out that they would be having twins.

“It was just so unexpected. You never really think you’re going to have twins someday, you know? And for us especially, after 7 years of unanswered prayers… we never even dared to dream… It truly felt like a blessing from god. A reward for our patience and struggle. It was the happiest news I ever got.” – Sandeep

But then…

Things took a turn for the worse when, just 25 weeks into her pregnancy, Seena started experiencing sharp pains. At that moment, it didn’t even occur to her that they might be contractions, but after rushing to the hospital the doctors confirmed it: she was going into labour. After a long and difficult natural childbirth, Seena gave birth to a boy and a girl, weighing in at just 660gms and 510gms respectively, under Acute Preterm conditions. Both babies were immediately put in NICU, on life support.

“I kept asking myself if it was something I did. Did I do something wrong? Was it my fault that my babies were on their deathbed, instead of in bed with me? The doctors told me it wasn’t so, but I kept cursing myself. I still do.” – Seena, crying

Unfortunately, Seena and Sandeep’s baby boy, whom they nicknamed Champ, passed away after nearly two months on a ventilator, despite the doctors’ best efforts, due to a brain haemorrhage. The condition of their baby girl, whom they lovingly call Princess, has been fluctuating greatly over the past 5 months. Four weeks ago, she was nearly ready for discharge, but two weeks ago she started experiencing severe breathing trouble and just yesterday she was put back on a ventilator.

“The doctors say the total expenses for my daughter will be nearly 22 lakhs. We spent all of our life-savings on the fertility treatments; we just can’t come up with that kind of money. We’ve already sold our old car, and borrowed as much money as we can from friends and family members. But how much can they help? They too have families and kids of their own to take care of. We don’t know what we’re going to do.” – Sandeep

After so much hardship, so much pain, these parents will not be able to bear the loss of their daughter. With no one left to help them through this ordeal, donate as much as you can, and become their saviour. Save their little Princess from an untimely death.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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