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These Parents Can't Afford A Single Day's Meal, They Need Help To Save Their Newborn

Strangers have been helping me for the past few days. Had it not been for their kindness my wife, Seema and I would have starved. I have no money left with right now, I can’t even buy medicines for my son. He needs to stay in the hospital for one whole month, he will not live without that. But how do I afford the treatment?” - Amit, father.

Seema's scans on the seventh month showed trouble 

Amit and Seema were awaiting their child’s birth. So were their two daughters aged 10 and 5. But Seema’s ultrasound scans on the seventh month brought difficult news for them.
“My doctor said that my baby isn’t getting enough oxygen in my womb. If this continues for long, the baby will die - even my life would be in danger. The only solution was a C-section. We were left with no other option then,” - Seema, mother.

Their baby boy couldn’t breathe just after he was born, he was put on oxygen but his condition started worsening. Doctors in Bellary asked Amit to take his baby to Bangalore. That was their last hope. 

For more than 20 days, their baby has been struggling for his life

With a sick child in his lap, Amit came to Bangalore hoping to save his son. They admitted the baby immediately and since then he is in the NICU. Seema wasn’t able to come along with Amit but now that she is here, she doesn’t want to leave his side.

“He is so weak that he can’t even feed. He is all covered up in tubes - it’s such a horrible sight for a mother,” - Seema

There’s no one who can help me now but without treatment my son will die

Amit works in a small factory in Bellary and he doesn’t make much. He had saved up for his child’s birth but never thought that something like this would crop up. His savings are all over and now all he has is borrowed money.
“My daily expenses are somewhere near Rs 35,000 and in the past few days I have already spent over 6 lakhs. There is no way that I can afford to keep my son in the hospital for a month. Only you can help me save him now,” - Amit.

These parents are desperate to save their baby boy. They need the help urgently, you can extend your helping hand and save their baby's life 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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