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Pneumonia Affected 2-month-old's Life Depends On Whether His Parents Can Afford Treatment

“My wife and I sleep outside the hospital. We cannot afford rent. We even had to leave our 3-year-old son in the village. Saving our 2-month-old child seems impossible right now, but we have to try." - Aravind, Father
Aravind and Pooja became parents to another little boy just around 2 months ago. Suddenly, he developed an infection. They rushed him to the hospital as he was coughing continuously only to find out that he has a type of pneumonia. This little boy now needs intensive care and ventilation to survive.

This baby's lungs feel like they are on fire

"They say my son's case is severe. Even when he is sleeping he is coughing. His lips have turned black. I am scared. The doctors are doing everything possible. They say medicines and ventilation can help him, but we cannot pay for it anymore." - Pooja (mother)
Infants have delicate lungs. Viral bronchopneumonia causes inflammation of the lungs. It is painful and dangerous. Pooja recounts the time she had a severe cough and found her chest burning. She cannot imagine what this illness is doing to her baby boy.

People are avoiding the couple fearing that they will ask for money

“I have already borrowed money from everyone I know to pay the hospital bills so far. It’s been a week since we came here and it has cost us close to a Lakh. Now, nobody I know is even picking up my calls fearing I would ask money again. The cost of the treatment is expected to be 4-5 Lakhs. I don’t know where I can get so much money from.”- Aravind, Father

Maybe if I had named him, this would not have happened

"In our house, we don't name our children till they are almost one year. They tell us that if we name them, something bad will happen. It didn't matter anyway for us. My son is still fighting for his life." - Pooja
Aravind and Pooja wish they could call their son by his name. They hope that can keep him tethered to their world.

This little one can survive the infection. He just needs a few more weeks of treatment. Unfortunately, the expense is too much for Aravind and Pooja to bear. 

They may be forced to have him discharged if they cannot afford the treatment. Your contribution can help this family save their baby boy.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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