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This Baby Was Born In The 6th Month Of Pregnancy, Her Parents Struggle To Save Her

When Munmun went for a regular ultrasound, she never expected it to turn out this way. Her womb had no water and it was killing the baby. She had to immediately undergo surgery to save her baby but she was just 6 months pregnant and this would mean the baby would be underdeveloped. But it was a do or die situation. 

It’s a baby girl! 

Munmun had a surgery which made her body very weak. She could only see a glance of her baby during the surgery. Since then, the mother and daughter are being treated separately.

“When I go to see her she asks about the baby but how can I say that her organs are not fully developed and she is struggling to breath and survive.” - Sagarjit, the father

We lost a child once and now…

“Before this also we were about to have a child but… but we lost the baby when my wife was 4 months pregnant. Seeing all this happen again my heart aches...I have to save my baby girl." - Sagarjit

Doctors have not said anything but the couple feels this might be the only chance of being parents and they are desperate to save their only child.

We don't have the strength to fight, it seems impossible to save her

“We feel like we are tied,I have tried everything...sold gold, land but it is not enough. My mother is all I have and she also gave whatever she had...It is my responsibility to take care of her but...I am unable to save her.” - Sagarjit

Sagarjit barely earns enough to have basic necessities and it is very difficult for him to arrange Rs 5 lakhs for the treatment

“I earn Rs 6500, I am unable to do anything. I have put everything I can to arrange the amount but it is not helping…” - Sagarjit
You are the only hope for this couple. Your small contribution can save this baby girl. She can survive and live a normal life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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