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This Is Mayuri's Only Chance To Be A Mother, She Needs Your Help To Save Her Newborn

“We struggled to conceive for 18 years. We spent so much money on medical procedures, therapies and tests. Last year, finally, on our last attempt we got lucky but our baby was born in 24 weeks. Now, we are watching our only chance at a family struggle to even breathe.” - Mayuri (mother)

Weighing 660 grams, Mayuri’s baby girl was born too early. She needs intensive care to prepare her for the outside world. Mayuri and her husband Mayuresh, have nothing left to manage the medical expenses. Their daughter cannot survive on her own for at least 6 more weeks.

This was Mayuri’s last chance to conceive

“We got married in 2001. After trying a lot, we opted to conceive through a test tube in 2003. But that failed too. I was so depressed, nothing seemed to work. For years we’ve tried different therapies, got over 2-3 operations done which cost us around Rs. 15 lakhs. These years have been very hard and it seemed like I would never be a mother.” – Mayuri

In 2018, Mayuri and Mayuresh decided to try for a test tube baby once again. She had 3 attempts, out of which the first 2 failed. On her final attempt, she got pregnant but Mayuri’s water broke within 24 weeks of pregnancy.

“I was unconscious. There was no chance for a baby to survive being born so early. Our doctors did their best. She beat all odds and survived, but her life is still in danger. It’s been 2 months since the delivery. This is the first time I'm holding her. I cannot even feed her. They do that through a tube.” – Mayuri

A woman torn between saving her mother and daughter

During her second attempt in June 2018, Mayuri’s mother almost lost her life to heart failure. Mayuri is in an impossible situation having to choose one life over another.

“My mother was given 6 months to live. She needs an urgent valve replacement surgery, but we have no money to save her. What to do? By God’s grace, she’s still alive but her heart can fail anytime. My baby is fighting for her life and she needs to gain weight too. The bad days never seem to end.” – Mayuri

A man who cannot accept the truth

As soon as Mayuri’s mother got back from the hospital, Mayuresh’s father suffered from a second heart attack. His life is on the wire too but due to the lack of money, Mayuresh feels helpless.

My father needs an urgent heart surgery but I have nothing to help him. I’m his only son and the only working member of the family. This was his second heart attack within a few years. As a DTP operator, there’s no way I can afford to save one life, let alone three.” – Mayuresh

Nothing could have prepared them for this pain

To pay a part of the bill, Mayuresh has borrowed around Rs. 7 lakhs from his friends. Now, he has nowhere to go, nothing to sell and nothing left to help his baby girl.

“The 3 attempts of IVF costs around Rs. 3 lakhs. I had to give around Rs. 2 lakhs for my father too, when he got the heart attack. His medicines are very expensive too, and there’s no other way. In the past decade we’ve spent over Rs. 25 lakhs just trying to conceive. The baby needs to be in the NICU for 6 more weeks and the daily costs are very high. I have no savings but I’m trying my best. There seems to be no hope.” – Mayuresh

Mayuresh and Mayuri’s joy of finally conceiving after 18 years of struggle has been wiped away. Their baby girl has successfully battled for her life for 2 months. It’s vital for her to remain in the NICU for the life-support she needs.

Mayuri and Mayuresh have exhausted all resources and are absolutely helpless and need your help to save their daughter’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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