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My Baby Was Born Extremely Premature At 26 Weeks And I Am Struggling To Keep Him Alive

“I delivered my son in the emergency ward at just 26 weeks. I did not even realize I was having labor pains until I felt him pushing out through the stitches that was supposed to keep him in me full term. Now he is struggling to live, and we are struggling to fund the treatment that is keeping him alive.”
My name is Mamatha. I am an architect. My husband Harish and I got married in a haste to fulfill my dying mother’s last wish. We lost her 2 years ago to cervix cancer. When I got pregnant this year, I was anxious for my baby thinking about my mother’s health history. I’d constantly go for follow ups. Our fears manifested when my baby was born extremely premature. He is in the NICU, fighting to brave this world with his underdeveloped body.

I worried about him since the moment we discovered we were pregnant

When I found out we were pregnant, we wanted a hospital where they would be thorough. I opted Cloudnine for this reason. I knew it was expensive, and went to work every single day to earn as much as I could for this baby’s care. I just had to make the right choice, knowing my family history.

Everything was fine until the 5th month. Then came the scare that my baby might have Down’s syndrome. Thankfully the amniocentesis test was negative. It was an expensive test, and I had to do overtime to manage our expenses.

We worked hard to make enough for my baby's care

It’s just Harish and me at home. I manage the household work, go to office, visit ongoing project sites. It was tiring, and risky. Yet I pushed myself because we needed the money and I hoped God would take care of me.

Fate has its way. During my 7th month, the pain came splitting across my womb. My cervix length was 1.4cm and the doctor immediately had it stitched. The next day pain increased and I was admitted to the emergency ward. The pain killers did not help, and I did not know whether this was labor pain or because of the stitches. My baby needed more time, and the doctor was doing her best to keep her in me.

He was born too early

My husband decided it was best to deliver and I felt my baby pushing out. There was nobody in the ward at the time I felt my baby boy come into this world. The nurses rushed in when they heard me screaming “My baby is coming out! My baby is coming out!”

He was taken to the NICU immediately. He is so tiny. He was so weak and needed intensive care to breathe, feed, live! He is not strong enough to be on his own yet. He came too early and we need to give him time to recover. 

We need help to save our baby's life

I have been calling people for help since I regained consciousness after his birth. I have been worried about funding his treatment. All I want is to keep him alive, get him well and bring him home.
We have spent several lakhs already. I don’t have anything left now. I cannot go to work at present. My husband is also doing his best but with his earnings it is not possible to arrange Rs. 11 Lakhs in 2 months.

The Hospital and its team of doctors have provided the best possible priority care for this baby. They have generously waived off as much as fee as possible and have applied for discounted service charges too. Please help the family cope with this difficult situation.

 "I get to see my baby every day. It is painful to see him attached to so many tubes. He is so small. I feel like I'm hurting him by just holding him. I wanted to protect him. I wish I could now."

Please help us save our son!

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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